Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's.... CATURDAY!!!

featherfudz.......  WANT!!!!!
moar funny pictures

I had a gud chuckle dis morning when I saw dis. My mom just filleded our birdfeeder today, and I too can watch da birdies right outside my window! Now if I could just figure out howz to get dem inside... Just meowin'

I hope you has a great Caturday!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

5 Comentários:

BZTAT said...

Glad you found the publish button again, QP!

BZTAT and the Brew

missbreezysbox said...

Great photo. I haven't feed our birds for our cats to watch in awhile. They are pigs and it is way too hot. Happy Caturday.

Fisher said...

Great photo - cats are so expressive when they do silly things.

LouPeb said...

it's been a while Henry! *woof*

the wildcats said...

Oh yes, if only we could get them inside too! Yummmmm

Gidget and Lola

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