Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Paws!

Hello friends. I know I hasn’t done much on here lately, and I do hope that changes soon, but I wanted to share something really special wif you today.

How many of you lived in a shelter or rescue before finding your forever homes? I lived at in a shelter for about 3 weeks before I adopted my mom and moved into my forever home. And, while I didn’t mind da Shelter (there were lots of other kitties to play wif), I did have to learn to do wifout a couple things. Things like toys, Temptations, and catnip never made their way into my furry little paws.

That’s why I was so excited to learn that some of my awesome twitter pals put together a project that will add a little cheer to the lives of rescue pets dis Holiday season. After all, who doesn’t like to be a little spoiled over the holidays?

This project, of course, is the SANTA PAWS DRIVE!

This project was the brainchild of my good buddy Dorian from, who teamed up wif Salina (, and Lynn (who is one of the masterful organizers of the monthly #Pawpawty’s on Twitter (FrugalDougal’s Mom.)) Talk about some dangerous minds… Just meowin’ hehe

They put together an amazingly simple way for you to help shelter animals have a great holiday, just like you and me! The money raised will go to 6 shelters (in 4 different countries) that have already been chosen. OMC… I’z rambling! Why don’t you hit da link below and let them tell you their story.

Donating is easy; you can donate monies or toys. It’s all good, and it will all give a little happiness to our critter friends who are still waiting to find there forever homes.

Thanks for stopping by,

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

Psssst… I just wanted to remind you dat you can help you local shelter over the holidays too. Contact your local shelter and see if they have a wish list or volunteer some time and give a little TLC to some deserving furred friends.

4 Comentários:

Forever Foster said...

That is so cool! Thanks for letting us know, Henry:)

Daisy said...

I think that is such a great idea! Harley lived in the shelter for 6 months before we adopted him.

Your Daily Cute said...

Thanks so much for posting this, QP! I'm going to spread the link around on Santa Paws Drive facebook and twitter!

Zed said...

Me & Zoie just made a post about Santa Paws also.
We hope to get all the critters to pitch in.

My family got my sister Zoie at the shelter. My sister before that was a stray wandering around the neighborhood.

I was lucky & never been homeless but, I know that toooo many animals are not lucky as me.

I'm gonna get some 2 legged friends to help spread the word cause everyone can help no matter if they only got 2 legs, fins, or no legs. BOL!

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