Thursday, May 13, 2010

Furever Friday: Crazykittykat1 (Kali, Mazi, Simba and Bitsy)

I am happy to bring you the story of the cats behind Crazykittykat1...  

I’m Kali, the head cat of the house. I do all da tweety meows on twitter as @Crazykittykat1. I have some really fun anipals and love to pawty. I live with my brother, Mazi, and the other 2 cats, Simba and Bitsy.
Mazi and Kali

Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

I remember my mommy, snuggling and sleeping, and my brother and lots of other kitties at that house too.

How did you find your forever home (or how did it find you?)

It was September, 2005 and I was 10 days old when I was picked out to go to my furrever home. Momma cat and Daddy cat were very sad because the kitties that lived with them for 17 years went to Rainbow Bridge. They were looking for the purrfect kitty. When they found me, Daddy cat said “only 1 kitty” but Momma cat wanted my brother too, so me and Mazi both were chosen that day. We were so happy to see Momma cat & Daddy cat come to visit us, and then when we were 12 weeks old, we got to go home to our furrever home. We wasted no time in claiming every inch of the house as ours. We are purry happy.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

I love how my family loves kitties so much that we are completely spoiled. We pretty much run the house.

We have trained Momma cat & Daddy cat to cater to our every need. Momma cat is the feeder & scooper, and she is great for cuddling too. Daddy cat is great for playing with. He plays with us every day when he comes home from work. Some days we chase the feather toy, some days its chasing little balls around the house, and today we chased the laser spot! That little red spot is fast!

But wait, there is more to their story...
Simba and Mazi
Mazi and I were the only 2 cats for almost 2 years, then Momma cat brought home Simba. His previous home had a little baby and his family said he was too playful so they couldn’t keep him.

Simba is just a few months younger than us. I was NOT happy to have another cat in the house and I keep telling him that, daily. Simba and Mazi are best buddies and they love to wrestle and play.

Mazi and Bitsy

Six months ago, a poor sick kitty (Bitsy) showed up on our doorstep. Momma cat nursed her back to health. She is a little tuxedo cat and the vet says she is purry old – 14 to 17 years! She sleeps a lot and doesn’t play, and the rest of us kitties just leave her alone.

There is lots of activity in this house with 4 kitties and 2 peoples. We love our family!
Wow... Sounds like a they are some very busy kitties! Nothing wrong with that though, in fact, they sound like kitties after my own heart. hehe  Thank you Kalie, Mazi, Simba and Bitsy for sharing your wonderful story with us today! Furiends.... If you don't already know this team, I recommend that you over to twitter and introduce yourselves today! Just go here, to say hello.

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (Quadpawd)

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Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Oh Henry, you do find such bootiful girl cats!!

George The Duck said...

How fun to learn more about our friends. *high wing*

Mariodacat said...

Dat was a neat post. I was happy to learn more about my friends too. Dey are bootiful girls.

Angie said...

BTW... If you use facebook you can follow Kali and the gang under the name Kat Bengalcatdomination.

Sparkle said...

What a nice kitty family! I have added you, Kali, to my Twitter friends!

Honeybell said...

WOW! Another great interview with 2lovely ladies! 4 cats/ 2 humans make for a nice home~ purrs

crazykittykat1 said...

Thank you all for the nice comments about us kitties. We love all our anipals we are meeting online.

Thank You Henry aka Quadpawd for such a nice interview and including us on your fine bloggy.

Purrs back at you all!


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