Friday, July 9, 2010

Furever Friday: AbbyDaTabby

YAY!  It’s time for another addition for another addition of Furever Friday.  This week, I have the pleasure to introduce a very PURRDY/BEAUTIFUL/ADORABLE girl kitty.  My furiends, meet the LOVELY AbbyDaTabby.  Purr purr purr … …

Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

I’m afraid I have self-induced amnesia when it comes to my life before my forever home. All I know is, I was about 3 months old and already on death row at animal control when da Mum walked in.

How did you find your forever home?

It was my last day and da clock was ticking and she read da card on da front of my cage and then cuddled me and it was a done deal. I must have known it was my last day because I let her cuddle me. It’s about da only time I haven’t minded being cuddled! (Da Mum finks it was probably my catitude dat made someone dump me. Her nickname for me is “Devil Cat” because I can do a Jekyll & Hyde imitation in a split second. I have even been banned from da VET because I am so much trouble! Luckily, I have calmed down a bit in my old age.) Da animal control people told da Mum that I would be scared when I reached my new home but dey got it wrong – I ruled da household from day one, as you can see in da pikshur dat was taken about ten minutes after I got dere!

My little sister Chloe remembers a bit more about her early life. She was a tiny kitten, livin in da bushes wif her mom an brofur an one day she managed to get into an office building an was so scared dat she wormed her way into da workings of a water fountain an hid in dere for several days and refused to come out. Den a kind lady got a trap from da humane society and put some food in it and Chloe couldn’t resist it. Da Mum had heard about it and offered to take Chloe in and she came to live wif us. Unlike me, she WAS scared for a long time but gradually da Mum gained her trust and now dey are inseparable. She always hides from strangers though, so sometimes people think she doesn’t exist!

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

There are many favourite things about livin wif da Mum. Firstly, we love da fact dat we are loved and cared for and safe. Den we like da hundreds of toy mouses dat da Mum keeps trippin over and complainin about. Den dere are all da yummy treats she gives us and da snuggly places to take naps and da birdie feeder dat is stuck on da window and provides entertainment for us all day long. But mostly we just love da Mum because she loves us and saved us…


*Swoon* I love a girl with cattitude! Sigh… Thank you so much Abby for sharing your story.  Kudos to your Mum too, for rescuing you (and Chloe)!
Thanks for stopping by!!!
Henry (Quadpawd)

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Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Awww, bootiful story, even MORE bootiful girl!!!

missbreezysbox said...

Abby is gorgeous. What a wonderful Happy ending. Thank you Henry.

Sparkle said...

I always love learning more about my Twitter friends!

Mariodacat said...

Isn't dat Abby a treasure. I loves her Catitude too, and she so very purdy.

Joey Bean said...

Wow you did adjust fast! You's a very brave kitty!

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