Friday, July 2, 2010

Furever Friday: Shiva and Jaya

There are so many cool kitties in the twitterverse, that it’s hard to get to know them all, but today I want to introduce you to a couple of sweet catlebrities from the UK.   My friends Shiva and Jaya don’t limit themselves to twitter though, they also share a YouTube channel and a brand new bloggie too!  So here we go…

Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

Darkness, darkness. At first there was nothing but darkness.  And painful sharp thingies hurting our little cub bodies. We were dumped in a glass recycle bin very soon after we were born. We don't know who did this to us. To cut a long meow short, we think somebody heard us meowing and called the cops. We were rescued and brought to a shelter that specializes in neglected kittens and puppies. At the shelter, we experienced a lot of health problems. The vet came to see us every day. We stayed there for 3 months until we were strong enough for adoption. I, Jaya, had an ear infection when I grew up here at home. Last year I had an ear polyp removed. I've been 100% healthy since. And I, Shiva, have cerebellar hypoplasia. It's a mild form. I think it's fun! Just this morning I jumped off the table (guilty conscience) and I landed BOOM in the splits position! MOL!

How did you find your forever home?

Mom's kitty Nala had gone to RB and she was very upset. She didn't want a new kitty, but her mom and stepdad found us through a newspaper ad. Secretly, they came to see us, made pictures of us and showed them to mom. They said that we had meowed that we really wanted mom to take care of us. Then she said yes. We arrived at Christmas Eve, 2007. There was no Christmas tree to climb in, but there was a loving mom. She was still sort of depressed after the loss of her other kitty and didn't know how to love us. It took us a few hours to grow on her and find a way to comfort her. Now we're inseperable!

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

What we like the most about mom is that she's a boring nerd! MOL! She works four days from 9 to 5 (Mon-Thu) and when she's not at work, she's with us. Nerd means that she studies a lot. She allows us to help her study. We're with her when she does her tough fitness work-outs. We watch movies together. We read books together. We go online together. We cook together. We always make rice-based meals because we're an Indian trio. Nothing can tear us apart! 

The only thing we don't do together is sleep. Why not? I, Jaya, snore like a fat pig. And I, Shiva, like to jump on and off the bed all night long. MOL! Mom also likes to travel. When she's gone, we stay with her mom and stepdad. They have two kitties themselves with whom we like to play a lot. Fortunately, they stay here with us, too every once in a while. The best thing, of course, is that we rule this place. After we were elected Purrime Ministerettes, we have more rights and we can be more demanding! Mom knows who's boss here! We're the happiest rescue kitties coming out of the darkness inside of the glass bin stepping into the limelight of Purrime Ministerettecy!


Well, there you have it. No wonder they’re my favorite pair! Hehe  Seriously, Shiva and Jaya are as sweet as can be and if you don’t know them purrsonally you are missing out.  So head on over to twitter and introduce yourself now… Do it. Hehe

Thank you, Shiva and Jaya, for sharing your story.  I am so glad you have such a great furever home!

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

OMC… I almost forgot to add one of their movies.  Check it out here.

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Max the Quilt Cat said...

What a wonderful article and interview of my pals. I love these two girls. They have befriended me on Twitter and are so nice to talk to. Great post!

Have a great weekend.


Pandafur said...

Thanks you for intervuwing Shiva an Jaya Henry. They iz such good purrime ministerettes and I duz likes them vurry much.

Sparkle said...

Yes! Another kitty family where the human does not question who is in charge! Thanks for interviewing Shiva and Jaya.

bebipelucha said...

Shiva and Jaya they are great! thanks for interviewing:)

crazykittykat1 said...

Shiva & Jaya are a ton of fun to meow with. I am so happy they didn't have to stay in the bottle bin and they got a good loving home. Purry good interview.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Well done my brother!! *swoon*

Rocky and Pebbles said...

Thank you for interviewing Shiva and Jaya, they are great pals!!! xoxo Rocky & Pebbles

Buzz Lucas said...

Very nice shout out about my two favorite girlies! Thank you.

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