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Furever Friday: Rosie and Blossom

I’m sooooo happy that it’s Furever Friday again.  I was lucky enough to have a couple more pals tell me their furever stories.  This week I am most proud to bring you the story of the the adorable ladies behind PiddleandPurr

I feels I must warn you… Their story might make your eyes leak a little, so you might ask your human to get you a tissue before you read it.
We are piddleandpurr on Twitter, but that is our alias!  Our real names are Rosie (gray with beautiful black stripes which are ever so elegant) and Blossom (black and white tuxedo – can’t get much more elegant than a tuxedo).    

Do you remember your life before finding your forever home? 

Nope not so much.  I know I looks like our furry mom and that she was found in the ally behind the knit shop in our small town.  The lady who own da shop let Mom come inside cuz she was going to has da babies. 


Mom liked dat, cause she speshully liked ALL da boootimus yarns – she would take da balls of pretty threads and puts dem on top of da shelves way high up – she liked to hide dem for later.  Den she had us right there in all dat yarn — we played and played and played.   


Not such a glamorous story, but as fings turned out – it was a sweet happening.  We was born on April 8th, 2004 - da very same day our would be forever Poppa went to Heaven.  SO you see, we was born to fill dat great big hole in Momma’s heart. 
..... we does a fine job too.  

How did you find your forever home?

Well, our forever momma came into shop a couple weeks later to buy yarn.  Her heart was breaking and her eyes were leaking and she told da knit shop lady dat she fawt she would get a kitty to love. 


Dat knit shop lady was very smart and hugged her and said she had exactly what she needed.  But she would have to wait for a few weeks.   


In the meantime, our soon to be momma, went home and started getting ready for a kitty – she bought carrier (I hate that thing); toys, food, blankie and other stuffs. 
Little did she know dat her very good friend would talk her into bringing TWO kitties home wif her – ha!  Her friend knew it would take 8 paws to fill da hole in her heart cuz it was too big for just one kitty to handle. 


Eight weeks later, Momma go to shop to get da kitties – we had 2 brofers too, but dems was spoken for — she gathered us up in da carrier and her life not been boring since – teehee. 


When she get home wif us, all da neighbors came to see da kitties cuz dems glad to see momma smiling again.  Wez climbed on everyfing and when it was time for bed, I hid in da sofa – Momma turned da sofa upside down trying to find me – I finally hopped out and not scared anymore. 


Da  neighbors brought prezzies to us - one even knitted blankies for us - pink wif white for me and white wif pink for Blossom.

What’s your favorite thing about your forever home? 

What not to love at our forever home?   
Momma don’t fuss when I brings little critters to her to play wif – I never hurts dem, just bring dem in, hop in da baftub and let them go.  THEN da fun begins — I chases it around da tub and Momma squeals and chases both me and da critter.  She usually catches da critter in a towel and take it back outside.  She never let me keep it in da house — I doesn’t knows why.  I never bring in da snakey – just chipmunks, mousies, baby birdies and bunnies.   

Another fing is dat I has pearls.   I wears dem when I has to go to da VET.  Momma finks ladies should always looks da very bestest and besides, one never knows if a handsome mancat is at vet too. 
At 6:30 every morning, I jumps off da bed and gets in the sink in da bafroom and meow loudly til Momma comes, turns on da water.  Den I washes my face and paws while she put on her makeup.  If I good girl, Momma put a little make up on my cheeks too — puuuurrrrrr, I just love it that we gots a girly home. 
First let me say, I HATE DEMS PEARLS — I would rather be catching froggies, climbing on top of the fridge, walking across da puter keyboard, unplugging the puter modem, stalking Shadow, da big black dog next door, getting totally inside  Momma’s pillow case when she sleeping, using da pansy flower bed for my bafroom (it smell good)  - I love da garden.   

I likes to get on top of Momma in da early morning and open her eyes wif my paws.  I sit there and purr, give her headbutts and open her eyes.  I has to remind her it brekky time — she always get me nom noms when I ask.   

I like it when Rosie not in house and me and Momma snuggle and cuddle.  I never biteys Momma, I always very kind to our friends and let dem give me belly scratches.  Dems brings me lots of nip cause I JUST LOVE IT.  I always show dem how much I loves it – I get into it as soon as they gives it to me – so glad Rosie is busy wif other stuff, cause I don’t share my nip wif anybody.  I’m da boss of da house – just ask Rosie, I has to thwock her sometimes when she is sassy. 

Our favorite fing about our forever home is our Momma – she so trainable! 


*Wips leaky eyes with paw…*  I think my heart just melted! 

What a great furever story.  Thank you so much Rosie and Blossom for sharing it with us.  Furiends, if you haven’t met these two sweet Georgia peaches, I recommends you go to twitter ASAP and introduce yourself.  It will be a win/win, trust me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

(Editors note: Sorry about the funny formatting.  I tried and tried and tried to fix it.  Sometimes Blogger just has a mind of it's own...)

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Pandafur said...

Wat a bewtiful story an grate intervyew wiv Blossom an Rosie

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful story!

missbreezysbox said...

Great story with a very happy ending. My Harley brought me happiness when I lost my dog, Rufus-he was my joy and now Harley is there for me. Good job to Rosie and Blossom.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

What a great interview my brother, and lovely girls!!

Jazzy said...

Dat is such a lovely story about da two wittle tarts wot know haz a super duper furever home with Momma Nancy!! I love you all. Jazzy XXXXX

George The Duck said...

Aw that's such a wonderful story! Yay! *ducky hugs all around*

Sparkle said...

Thanks for the touching story! Rosie and Blossom sound like fun kitties, and they found a really nice, trainable human to call their own.

Mr. Breeze said...

Oh what a sweet story *sniff*.

I brings dem critters for da lady too. She makes sure dey uninjured den lets dem run back out into da field.

Father Tom said...

What lovely ladycats! I enjoyed the interview..Rosie in pearls and Blossom in the garden. So glad you have a happy forever home now!

Joey Bean said...

Aww, this was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing Rosie and Blossom! You are 2 lovely girls!

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