Friday, September 17, 2010

Furever Friday: Pumpkinpuddy

I am sooooo excited!  I was lucky enough to land a Furever Friday  interview with the lovely Pumkinpuddy.  Pumpkin is a real sweetheart and has a amazing tale to tell (not to mention a beautiful floofy tail to boot…hehe.)  But don’t just take my meow for it, check out her incredible journey below…


Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

Not much. I know I was born in a trailer park and lived there until I was about 6 or 7 weeks old. I have a brofur named Ringo who lives with Mom’s friend. I was quite tiny when I came to Mom so I don’t remember anything else.

How did you find your forever home (or how did it find you?)

Mom used to have three cats. One died several years ago at 13. Her name was Beastie and she was Mom’s first cat. A year ago spring Mom lost another cat. Her name was Pixie and she was 15. She has an interesting story. Someone threw her out of a van and Mom and her friends had tried to find her and couldn’t. About 6 weeks later there was a terrible snow storm. She turned up on Mom’s porch all matted and half starved. Well she broke Mom’s heart and Mom had to take her in. She lived with Mom for 13 years before she died.

That just left Sheena. Sheena and Pixie were best friends. Sheena was almost 18 so Mom didn’t want to spring a new cat on her, until Chris called her about me. Sheena had been kind of mopey ever since Pixie died, so Mom decided that maybe she should adopt another cat to be Sheena’s new playmate.

Mom’s friend Chris works with a shelter that catches feral cats, neuters them, and releases them. She’d been trying to catch my mom cat for over a year, so knew when we were born. My brofur and I were born in a trailer park in early to mid-September and she was afraid we wouldn’t survive the first cold snap so she took us in when we were barely weaned. She gave me to Mom and kept my brofur. His name is Ringo and he has in own Facebook page if you want to get to know him. I’m trying to get him on Twitter.

I came to live with Mom a week before Halloween. At first I lived in a great big bathroom. I was so small Mom was afraid I’d get lost or hurt because the house is kind of big. After about a week and a half Mom let me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. About a week later she opened the bedroom door to see what I’d do. It took me probably another week and a half to get brave enough to go down the stairs.

It turns out I came into Mom’s life at just the right time. What Mom thought was moping turned out to be sickness. Sheena was very sick and Mom didn’t know it. At first the v-e-t thought it was stress because of me. It turned out to be something very serious and Mom took Sheena to the v-e-t to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge the night before Thanksgiving. That wasn’t a very happy Thanksgiving in our house.

Since I was born feral and wasn’t used to being handled like kitties are that are born in a house, it took Mom and I a while to warm up to each other. Well, it took me about a month to warm up to Mom. I think Mom was in love with me the first time she saw me. Now I adore my Mom. I follow her everywhere, and sleep with her sometimes, and love to cuddle in her lap.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

Everything! It’s just Mom and me and we get along wonderfully. We love to snuggle. I get lots of belly rubs and more toys than I know what to do with. I can eat whenever I want and I get lots of treats, too. I’m terribly spoiled and I love it! I have my little red tent and I have my wonderful stroller for going outside. Our house has a nice back yard and lots of critters come to visit. I get to watch bunnies and birds all day. There’s a grey cat that roams around and sometimes he comes to visit me. With Mom’s help, I have my blog, a Facebook page (that I admit I don’t pay enough attention to) and I get to visit with my amazing pals on Twitter. Mom takes me to parks and for walks. And now I got to go to BlogPaws West 2010 where I celebrated my first birthday. What a year it’s been! I can’t imagine having a better place to live or a better Mom.


OMC…  What a great story!  A big ol' nosetap and thank you goes out to Pumpkin for sharing with us!

I love it when humans let a feral kitty move in and run the household!  It makes me think that there is hope for those silly beans after all.  If you haven’t met Pumpkin yet, you are missing out!  Don’t just take my meow for it, go over to twitter and introduce yourself now.   DO IT! *hehe*

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

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Mariodacat said...

Henry - thanks for doing a feature on Pumpkin. he he - she is a real cutie isn't she with an amazing story. We are friends on Twitter too.

Bunny Jean Cook said...
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Bunny Jean Cook said...
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Pandafur said...

Way a grate intervyew, I thinks Pumpkin iz a rilly nice kitteh an it wuz nice to learn more abowt her.

Boris Kitty said...

Human2 did meets dat Pumpkin in purrson and herz a sweet kitteh.

We lub herz stroller.

Pirulo Furry said...

I know Pumpkin, she's my friend. She's a beauty, isn't she? Great post and great story!

Sparkle said...

My human is still bummed she didn't meet Pumpkinpuddy at BlogPaws! She did meet her human, however, which was nice. Pumpkinpuddy, you have a great story, and I'm so happy that you sat down with Henry for an interview!

Luna & Jack said...

What a compelling story: you are a gorgeous kitty with a lovely mummy!

Luna + Jack said...

What a compelling story: you are a gorgeous kitty with a lovely mummy!

Joey Bean said...

Great story! You're a beautiful kitty!

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