Friday, October 29, 2010

Furever Friday: GiacTheCat

Yay, it’s Furever Friday once again! This week my pal Giacomo (aka GiacTheCat) is sharing his story. And what a story it is too. I’m not really clear on whether he was placed by an angel or placed with one, but one thing is for certain; Giacomo had a very unique way of entering the lives of his furever family! But hey, it’s his story, so I’m going to let him tell it…


Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

I remember it was cold and lonely in the attic I was born in, and my litter mates were noisy cause they were crying. I also remember wondering why my cat mom wasn't about to take care of us.

How did you find your forever home (or how did it find you?)

One day Mom told Dad she heard some meowing or crying in the house but Dad said he didn't hear anything. She looked outside in the bushes but didn't find anything. Everybody thought she was nuts but she knew she heard something. Finally Dad agreed to look in the basement but he didn't find anything. Mom kept hearing the faint cries. She asked Dad to look in the attic but he thought there was no way there was anything up there. He went up there anyway and he found me and three other kittens. We were cold and hungry, and apparently our cat Mom had not been able to take care of us. We were carefully wrapped up and put in a box. Our Mom's Mom used to own and run pet shops, so she knew exactly what to do for us.

We had to be bottle-fed and kept warm cause we were only about three weeks old. Mom had cancer at the time, and taking care of us (with her Mom's help) was a nice way of getting her mind off her treatments. We grew big and strong, but unfortunately one of my litter mates didn't make it. Eventually when Mom was stronger and we were bigger, my sister and I lived full time with my Mom, and her Mom took my twin brother. Mom gave us Italian names because Dad is Italian and she was sucking up to him. He really isn't a cat person but over the years I have swayed him.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

My favorite thing is getting lots of attention. It's hard being abandoned your biological mom and it makes me kind of needy sometimes. I also like the security, the companionship of my brothers and sister, and the great noms!


I’m almost meowless after learning about Giacomo… I can’t wrap my paws around how he got so lucky to be rescued and loved in the very home his cat Mom choose for him! Maybe she couldn’t care for him and his siblings when they were babies, but she was very wise in her decision on where to place them! Oh and the fact that his human Mom is doing better is just a catnip garnish on a tuna casserole! (Or in human speak it's awesome, fantastico, and/or great news!)

Thank you Giacomo for sharing your story! It’s a great one and I count myself lucky to be one of your pals.

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

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Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

What a sweet heart!!

Mariodacat said...

What a beautiful story. Giacomo is very lucky his adopted mom heard their cries for help and followed through to find them. She is one special person.

Lin said...

Hooray! I love a happy ending! :)

Fisher and Staff said...

What a beautiful story! May they all live happily every after.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful story!

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