Thursday, October 21, 2010

Furever Friday: SeattleP

Yay! Today, I am lucky in that I get to share another great Furever Friday story with you!  Today’s guest is my pal Jeego, who shares her twitter account with her Mom using the name @SeattleP.  Jeego is a sweet girl who loves to visit with her friends and hangs out at the #nipclub whenever she gets the chance.  There’s a lot more to her story though, as you will soon discover…


Do you remember your life before finding your forever home?

I was about 6 weeks old when I was left at Seattle Animal Shelter.  They didn't want me because I didn't look like a true Siamese.  My markings were not the same on my face and my front legs.  People were confused at what kind of Siamese I was.  The Shelter I was left at was a kill shelter so I was hoping I would find a home before my time was up.

How did you find your forever home?

One day the lady came in to the shelter.  She was looking for a white cat.  I was 8 weeks old and my body looked white at that age.  (I look darker now)  She saw me and fell in love with me.  My peeps were looking for a friend for Pumpkin their adult cat.  My dad picked me up a few days later after I had been microchipped and given shots.  I was really sick the first day they had to put me in the bathroom.  The vet gave me special food and medication.  I made it fine after my first night.  My brother Pumpkin was training me.  He was like a dog he would follow dad around when dad was outside.  He taught me how to knock on the door, how to stay in the back yard, come when being called.......  Unfortunately, he had cancer and passed away.  My peeps cried so hard he was a special cat.  Dad still misses him.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

They let me jump on their tummies and bounce off like a trampoline.  They don't mind if I give them love bites.  They treat me like a queen.  I own the living room and the kitchen.  My mom let me share her twitter account @SeattleP.  My peeps are over 40 so I forgive her for being lazy and not wanting to have a blog or FB.  As long as they keep the tuna coming I am happy to share twitter with her ;)  


Well there you have it my furiends, the cat behind the twitter account. Hehe If you haven’t met Jeego yet, I would recommend that you introduce yourself soon.  She is super sweet kitty who is always there for her furiends.  Don’t let that sweetness fool you though, she love’s her catnip and knows how to #pawpawty down. *snicker*

Thanks Jeego, for sharing your story.  Oh… and I don’t think those people who gave you up didn’t want you, I think that they just knew that you deserved better than they could offer.  Just meowin’

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (Quadpawd)

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Anonymous said...

AS Dearest sponsor and good furriend (Jeego) i can attest that she does love her nips and knows how to #pawpawty ! Seriously thou Dearest thank you for sharing your story! xoxox

Pumpkinpuddy said...

I didn't know Jeego had a brofur with my name!You learn something new every day. I love getting to know more about my pals. I will attest to Jeego knowing how to #pawpawty. We have lots of fun.

Honeybell said...

Loved the story P! Thank you for sharing another great one, Henry. I have been known to get into the nip and troubles with the fun loving P! (Jeego)

Shiva and Jaya said...

Bootifullest Jeego!

We so happy you was interpurred by Henry! Us was, too, and had bestest time just like you did! We very happy that you in limelight here!

Purrime Ministerette Shiva
Purrime Ministerette Jaya

catsparella said...

Aww, dis is a nice story.

Mariodacat said...

Boy, are we every lucky dat Jeego's peeps came along and rescued her. She may not be purebred Siamese, but she sure is bootiful. Thanks Henry for introducing my friend Jeego.

Your Daily Cute said...

Loved reading about Jeego's story... and the tree pictures are just too cute! :)

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