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Santa Paws; The Rest Of The Story...

I did it, I did it... I scored an interview with Ms. Dorian from Your Daily Cute. If you don't know Dorian, you should read dis and learn about dis wonderful animal lover. If you do know her, you should read so you can learnz da full scope of her kindness!

Wow, I can't believe I get to interview Pimp and Moo's Mommy! (Pimp is my BFF...) Thanks sooo much for doing this Dorian!

Let me start off wif some simple questions. Now I know dat you help a lot of kitties in your neighborhood, which is super fantastic, but when exactly did you first realize you were a cat magnet?

Whew! Glad you're starting easy… I was nervous! I think I've always known I was a cat magnet, but I really, really started noticing it about 5 years ago. I kind of call myself "Mother Nature" because animals just seem to know their safe around me, and even the ones that are not friendly around other people are almost immediately comfortable around me. It's crazy, but I love that they know I'm good people.

Wasn't your website, Your Daily Cute created (in part) to help you fund the aide of some feral kitties that lived near your employer?

It was! Really it was two reasons I started it. A bunch of us at work were always passing around cute videos and I thought it would be fun to have a kind of library of them all in one place. Then, I realized that other people wanted to see it, too, and was born!

I searched around for how I could raise a little money with it to help with all the money I spend of the parking lot kitties I feed (I try not to add it up, but it's over $200 a month!), and found some great ways. It doesn't make too much, but every little bit helps (if you click on the Google ads, that helps support me… hint, hint…).

Do you have a favorite story of one of your rescue kitties?

Aw, I have TONS of stories! I love them like they're my own, and they really are. There is a girl (Little Meow) and a boy (Daddy Meow). Little Meow wasn't spayed and she got pregnant like three times before I could catch her – she did not want to be caught. For every litter she had, I searched high and low for her babies to try and help them, and I saved and found a home for at least one each time!

The last time she had babies she had five of the most precious things you've ever seen, and I was able to catch her and all of the babies!! I found the whole family a temporary foster home while she made sure they grew up big and strong, and then the kitties got forever homes and Little Meow got spayed and was reunited with Daddy Meow!

Here is some more about The Meows (and baby pictures of the kitties!)

Ok, now for one of da important questions...

Are Pimp and Moo as pawesome as dey seem?

They are even more pawesome than they seem! Pictures and stories don't do their pawesomeness justice! Pimp is the best, sweetest cat you'll ever meet. (Do you know how he got his name? I got him while I was in college and there were 4 girls living in our apartment… so clearly he was a Pimp!)

And Moo is the biggest love. I call him my cuddlebug. He has to always be by me, giving me kisses and rubbing all over my face. He also loves to take pictures. Whenever he sees the camera, he literally runs right for it! (I think he tries to rub on it, too!)

Besides having a wonderful website, and super furkids, you have something else pretty awesome going on right now; Santa Paws Drive. Can you tell me a little of da history of your project?

Yes! I am so excited about Santa Paws Drive! A while ago, I had an idea to try and do kind of a "Toys for Tots" – but for animals in shelters. I had no idea how, though… and I needed help! So I asked @BabyPatches and her momma and @frugaldougal and his if they'd like to be a part of it and help out. They all said yes!

We picked 6 rescue shelters all around the world to help out, and we're collecting toys, treats and money donations to help bring a little holiday cheer to our furry friends who aren't lucky enough to have forever homes for the holidays. It's really easy, you can donate and learn more at and there's no shipping charges or anything on all the Santa Paws stuff!

Concatulations on getting such a dream team to work on this with you too! I mean to get to work wif da lovely BabyPatches and da top dog of da #pawpawty events, FrugalDougal.... Wow! Just wow!

Aww… thanks. I'm so happy we could get it all together. We want it to be HUGE and help LOTS of kitties and doggies!

To help raise awareness for Santa Paws Drive, you've had a couple contests and PowerHour Pawpawtys too, yes? I know at da last Power Hour I even won sumting. OMC... I was so shocked, when dat happened! I tink I fainted 4 or 5 times dat night! Thank goodness BabyPatches was der to revive me! hehe

Yes, yes… and I seem to recall that maybe some of those "faints" might have been a little staged in order to get some extra attention from BabyPatches… Just sayin. ;) (Whatever works, buddy. You're a man-cat now after all!)

We have lots of great pwizes we're giving away to keep people excited and thank everyone for all their support with Santa Paws Drive. We have been giving away FURminator deshedding tools and we have a couple other really big, exciting pwizes coming up, too, including a HUGE raffle!

Do you have anyting else you would like to share about Santa Paws Drive?

I think that about covers it. Our goal is to raise at least $3,600 in money and toys for the shelters, so every dollar helps! Oh, everyone should follow @SantaPawsDrive to get all the latest and so they don't miss out on any of the fun.

Thanks for the interview, Henry! I'm honored to make it on Cats Who Twitter!

Thanks soooooooo much for doing dis! *kitty hug*
Well there you have it folks. Proof dat humans can be pawesome too! hehe Please, please, please, stop by Santa Paws Drive so you can learn more about dis great project.

Thank you for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)
OMC... I forgot to ask Dorian about the Santa Paws Drive Facebook page. Please go here and become der Fan today!

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