Monday, November 23, 2009

When Good Cats Go Great...

A couple days ago I was lucky enough to sit down and visit wif one one my favorite anipals, Baby Patches. During our visit she shared wif me a little about her life as a Chief Kat in a very important business! Here is a bit of dat conversation...

Hi Baby, thanks for doing this interview. Let me start by saying you look absolutely beautiful today. *blush*

From what I understand you've been the Chief Kit, over at for over a year now, is dat correct?

Yes, dat is correct. You looks mighty handsome yourself today. Thanks for having me for an interview.

That sounds like a very important title, can you tells me what you exactly it is you do?

Chief Kit is a very important title and role to has, der is no one higher den me but momma. I do product testing, inspect shipments dat arrives, and oversees da shippings of da orders. I also snoopervise my sisfur and brofur when we need additional product testers. There are a few other fings I do such as modeling for momma as well. MOL

Have you had a favorite product so far?

Yes...well I has a lot of favorites! MOL But if I had to picks just one den I would say my Turbo Track. Da Turbo Track has a ball in it dat rolls around but it won't comes out, unless you takes da track apart likes me hehehe

How did you and your mom become involved in Santa Paws Drive?

Momma and I became involved wif Santa Paws Drive when we were contacted about da idea from's creator. We couldn't pass up an idea dat could helps several animal shelters and provides toys for homeless animals for the holidays.

Now, I notice on your site, dat you can donate toys or monies, is der anyfing in particular you would recommend be donated?

So far we has been doing purrty well but we need some more dog toys to sends out so I would recommends da Naughty & Nice Tug and the Bungee Reindeer. Remember no shipping charges are applied during checkout.

Do you have any advice for animal lovers out der who maybe can't afford a financial gift dis year?

For those dat can't donate dis year, see if you can take a trip to your local animal shelter close to the holidays and give da animals some play time if you can. Just a way to show these animals dat people care about dem. Maybe even volunteer an hour or two to helps out.

Is der anyfing else you would like to share wif our readers today?

Yes, I would, thank you. Please feel free to ask me for suggestions or let me know if you are lookings for somefing we don't has. Der might be a good chance we can find what you are looking for. We strive to be der for our customers...our furriends!

Baby, I just has to tell you, between all your work for Santa Paws Drive and your generosity at da Pawpawty events, I am one smitten kitten. hehe You are a great kitty and I am tickled to be able to calls you my friend! *kitty hug* Thanks for taking da time to visit wif me today!

OMC... Isn't Baby wonderful? She is such a busy girl too. Not only does she help out wif da store and da charity, she is also a regular on twitter and she has a blog... I almost forgot to mention dat her store just got a brand new look too. You should sooo stop by and take a peek. DO IT! hehe

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

5 Comentários:

The Island Cats said...

That was a furry good interview with Baby Patches!!

SGR said...

Woof! Thanks for sharing ... n getting to know Baby. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Marg said...

Great interview and the Santa Paws drive is wonderful. I hope they get lots of donations for all those shelter pets.. Wish I could bring them all home but we are full at the moment.

Your Daily Cute said...

That was a great interview with Baby Patches! She is one of the sweetest kitties on Twitter... so I can see why you're a smitten kitten, QP. ;)

Jenny said...

Dat was a grrrreat interview wif my pal Baby Patches. She's a smart businesscat an a animantarian.

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