Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogger Tuesday Featuring: BrewskieButt

All photos used by permission by BZTAT

I notice your blog is a bit different than most 'cat blogs' in that you seem to be more of a spokes kitty than site manager. What exactly is your role on the site?

It is true that my job is the Official Spokes cat for Art Adventures Studios (http://www.artadventuresstudios.com/), my person’s art studio. My person (BZTAT) is an artist and she paints a lot of pictures of animals. I help get the word out about what she is creating so that others can enjoy it. My job, on her blog “The Buzz from BZTAT!” (http://bztat.blogspot.com/) is to help do that, but also to write interesting stories. Although my person knows a lot about cats, she isn’t one, so I have a more relevant perspective to cats and other critters who read her blog.

There are lots of artists who blog primarily to sell their artwork. My person and I get a little tired of just hearing about what they have put up on Etsy or Artfire, etc., and wish that they would spend more time letting people know who they are and what is special about their lives and artwork. My person wants to sell her artwork too (she does have 4 cats to support), but she finds sales are more special when they happen with folks with whom she has gotten to know. Art is about life, and life is about art. Her blogs and my blogs are about the interaction about life and art, what inspires her to create, and what sort of things go on in the life of an artist and an artist’s cat.

My person is in the process of making a series of artworks of Twitter Critters who have given her permission to use their avatars for inspiration!

So far you've done two guest posts on http://bztat.blogspot.com/, any chance that will become a regular feature? (Do you anticipate a more active role in the future?)

My person was a little uncertain about letting me blog on “The Buzz from BZTAT!” at first. The response to my first blog was so positive, though, she is going to let me do many more blog posts! Our next door neighbor, who is very much a dog person and not a cat person, told BZTAT, “I can’t believe that I am reading the writings of a cat, but I love it!” Gotta turn those dog persons to the other side…

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I like to blog on Twitter because I get to know so many cool cats and other critters! People too! I also learn a lot of things there that I would not learn anywhere else. When I blog on “The Buzz from BZTAT!” I can write longer pieces and post colorful pictures. I can express myself more fully and be a more artful cat. And it makes the Slick cat jealous, because she isn’t allowed to blog. Tee hee!

Out of all the sites you participate in, which is your favorite? Why?

My person has a Café Press store (http://www.cafepress.com/artadventures) and a Zazzle shop (http://www.zazzle.com/artadventuresstudios) that feature artwork of me. I have my own product line on Café Press (http://www.cafepress.com/artadventures/6287243)! I have a fan page on Facebook: http://artist.to/brewskiebutt/, and I am on Catster http://www.catster.com/cats/943825. My favorite, though, is Twitter. I so enjoy conversing with my Twitter Critter friends! We have a wonderful cyber community. Animals that are enemies by nature can be friends on Twitter. I love that! And when a predator comes in and makes nasty, little cats like me can chase them away.

I enjoy Facebook too. On Facebook, I can get to know folks better and I can follow what is going on in their lives. Some people/critters don’t “get” Twitter, so I can follow them on Facebook. I love posting blogs on “The Buzz from BZTAT!”, and I enjoy looking at all the great artwork on http://www.artadventuresstudios.com/.

You do a lot of modeling for BZTAT. What type of compensation do you receive for all your work?

Well, truthfully, I have been pushing for a raise. Right now, I get lots of hugs, snuggles and head scritches, and occasionally TUNA and NIP. Since I have increased BZTAT’s visibility so much, I think we need to change that occasional “TUNA and NIP” to daily “TUNA and NIP”. We are in negotiations.

We all know your BZTAT's muse. Who inspires you?

I am inspired by lots of things, but mostly just everyday life. Of course, everyday life for an artist’s cat is pretty interesting. I have my comrades, Noah cat and Who cat, and my nemesis, Slick cat. They make my life full, and inspire me greatly. Of course, I love BZTAT too, and I love to snuggle with her. She inspires me, too.

I get inspired watching from my window perch, as well. There’s that bird out there that is always chirping and taunting me. And, since we live in downtown Canton, OH, there are always interesting people walking down the street. On the first Friday of each month, Canton throws this big arts party downtown called First Friday, and I get to watch all kinds of people from my window perch. People come to visit my person’s studio and other studios and galleries in the Canton Arts District. Last month, the radio announcer talked about me as “the Arts District’s favorite cat” in the First Friday commercials!

My person is very involved in the development of Canton’s Arts District, and I am becoming the unofficial spokescat for the whole district. Lately, I have been donning “Ki-meow-nos” in celebration of the phenomenal "Kimono as Art" exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art which is one of the most phenomenal international art exhibits in the country right now. I have been very inspired by the "Kimono as Art" exhibit, but they won’t let cats in to see the real thing. They’re afraid I’ll get fur on the fine silk kimonos.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I just want to say that I feel so blessed to have so many followers on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have an army like the great @Sockington, but I do have a posse that is second to none! Through these friends, I have learned about so many cool things that are out there for pets and their people. I enjoy visiting their blogs and seeing pictures of them doing interesting things. I enjoy hearing about the triumphs and the tribulations in their lives. I have learned to be friends with dogs instead of fearing them, and hamsters and chinchillas instead of chasing them. I am moved by the way that all the Twitter Critters rally around a certain anipal when they are going through a rough time, and how they jump to spread the word when a homeless pet is in need of a home.

But most of all, I feel blessed for having such a good friend as @OscartheCat and his little comrade Henry (@Quadpawd). You guys are the best! Thanks for the opportunity to appear on your blog. *nosetaps* and *pawbumps*!!!!

**slips Brewskiebutt a tener for last comment**

I can cataly assure you that @Brewskiebutt is a great cat to follow and a super friend. Just yesterday he achieved a landmark 1,000 followers. So if your looking for a good follow, go check out a few of his sites and then head back over here and sign up to follow this fine cat. Also, I would like to say thank you to @Brewskiebutt for the interview and allowing me to post her artwork!

Thank you for stopping by!

Purrs and nosetaps,

Oscar The Cat

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Fisher said...

Very great art work! Keep up with your writing career, too. As a fellow writer cat, I know it is fun to get your opinions out there and the other critters benefit from it.

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