Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogger Tuesdays

Just want to let everyone know that on February 17th Henry and I will present a new weekly feature: Blogger Tuesday.

We will a short Q&A with one of our Twitter friends that also manages a blog. This will allow us not only a chance to learn more about each other, it will give you an opportunity to see just how big of a community we cats online are a part of. We are cats, hear us MEOW!

Also, if you just started blogging or are thinking about it, I suggest you check out the two Resource links I put on the left column. Who knew blogging could be so much fun?


Purrs and Nosetaps,


1 Comentário:

lisacat said...

Oscar, you must add Murray the Cats' blog to you list. Well, it's actually his persons' blog, but every Tuesday belongs to Murray! He was one of my foster kittens and he's quite the celebrity. His twitter id is: murraythecat

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