Thursday, February 12, 2009

Follow 5 Friday

It's finally here: the first addition of Follow 5 Friday. Each twitterer was give three questions, and I must tell you, their answers were brilliant!

Our first quest is Misha. Misha is a Russian Blue from Auckland, New Zealand. Here's what he has to say:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

I read about this cat called Sockington having 5,000 followers on Twitter. I thought to myself "this is my chance for world fame". Mummy was a bit reticent as she didn't really see the appeal of Twitter, but as she's my PA she just did what she was told, otherwise there'd be no Misha lovin'!

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

The best part of Twitter is getting to make anipals from all over the world. I even made friends with a tiger today! Plus, it's so easy to use and doesn't take up too much of my time so there's still plenty of time for quality napping.

3.Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

There are so many wonderful cats on Twitter, so you've got to have something special to stand out from the crowd. I have a very special skill - I can use the toilet! There's a video of me on my blog showing how it's done.

*Editors note: Misha did a nice post about Twitter on his blog recently. You can find it here.

Our second guest is Morris cat, a beautiful orange cat and a confessed homebody. Morris also had a lot to say:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

My human, @nelliejean, hadn't been on Twitter very long when she found @sockington and started following him. Then she found other cats and wanted to follow them too, until I put a stop to that. I pointed out that, as a human, she just wouldn't get what the cats were tweeting about - but that if I could have my own account, I would follow them myself and maybe let her know what was going on!

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

I love the real sense of community we have - animals (and people too!) from all over the world will rally round when one of their friends is poorly; comfort them if they're feeling a bit down; and congratulate them when things go well or there's a special occasion. It's great to think that there are so many friends rooting for you!

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

That I'm NOT named after the famous Morris the Cat from the adverts! We don't have 9 Lives catfood here in the UK, so my very first human had no idea that Morris was such a popular name for Gingers! She just named me after the street I was born in. She also hand-reared me as I was the runt of the litter and couldn't get any milk from my cat-mum - hard to believe, looking at me now!

Our third guest is Bagpuss Cat. Bagpuss is from Magor, Wales and considers himself a genius. Here Bagpuss offers us some insight on why we should follow him:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

This was perfectly simple. Use of my beta-prototype mind control device. Works to convince the so-called master race to provide pettings, change the contents of the litter box and provide the almighty whiskas.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

Well. Twitter provides an excellent means of real-time revolutionary plottings. From here, troops can be rallied from all over the world. Also, I get to meet fascinating intellects such as the beautiful @pennycat

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Hrum. I tolerate the presence of my humans, @jamiedempster and @duckiemonster. I refuse to tolerate @piecat, although his bulk often comes in handy for my evil schemes. I enjoy napping, snoozing, looking cute whilst pretending to be a tiger, mrowring in people's ears at unseasonable hours of the morning and vomiting at the most inappropriate moments conceivable. I live in sunny Wales and have a top secret lab under the garden shed.

The answers from our forth guest might surprise you a bit. Ever-thoughtful Monkey_Cat shares much wisdom with her answers here:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Actually the humans approached me about a twitter account. They said I had a lot to say and was always getting into troublez(thus my name). They said I needed an outlet and thoughts maybe I would like to share my adventures with others. They said a blog was too much troublez for such a young kitteh. So I started looking around and didn't realize how many other kittehs were on there! I was I jumped in with all 4 paws and haven't looked back! I would tell my sis about it, but she sleeps a lot and doesn't get into as much troublez as I do. Plus I wants all the attention to myself!

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

All the twitter friends i've made...well mainly the kitteh ones! I tolerate the doggies, and humans. I also like watching the other strange animpals that I've never seen before(like the horses and chinchillas)....they are fascinating. I hates the squirrel because he taunts me, but I can't help but to watch his every move. I also enjoy sharing my daily exploits with everyones and knowing that I am not alone in this big world. I love learning from my fellow kittehs on twitter and I look forward to many more fun days on the internets.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Hmmm how can I put just one? Oh I don't knows...I am just a young rescue kitteh now living the good life. I likes my house, my humans, my litter box, my grandma cat and generally speaking, my sis. Life is if I could just catch that elusive magical red light!

Our fifth guest is our only non-feline recommendation of the week. Bridget of Petsaretalking is an Animal Communicator who helps us deal with our humans when they are being difficult. She also claims to be a "hander-outer of treats", and who wouldn't want to follow a treat hander outer? She's on my list. Anywho, this is what she had to say:

1. What made you decide to set up a twitter account?

My friend Liz said that it was a great way to meet people. She was right!

2. What is your favorite thing about twitter?

The fact that there are kindred spirits all over the world, and they’re on twitter too. It makes the world feel smaller, friendlier, like we’re all in this together.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

I’m not a cat, but I talk with animals and their owners all over the world, helping people understand their furry friends better, and giving pets the voice they need to express what’s important to them. I can be found at .

Thanks to all 5 of our wonderful guests. I can tell you this, I have been following all of them for quite some time and enjoy my relationships with each and every one. I believe you will too! Follow them. Follow them NOW!

And thank you to all of you who stopped by to check out our twittering friends! We hope to get to know all of you a little better over time.

Purrs and Nosetaps,

OscarTheCat and Henry(aka)Quadpawd

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Misha said...

What a fine bunch! Consider them followed (can I follow myself - at least without getting dizzy?).

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Thanks for sharing the Friday Five and we are following them all now!!
Your FL furiends,

temperamental girl said...

What an Awesome blog! I love reading it!

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