Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Man-Cat of the Week

Friends, I knowz I’ve been away from the website for a while, but it’s time to, once again, share more about some of twitters coolest cats! What a better way to do this than present you with a new Man-Cat of the Week? This week I picked a very special friend mine that not only shares a bit of his world on twitter, he has a top-notch blog as well.

I am thrilled to announce that this weeks Man-Cat of the Week is none other than BorisKitty!


As of July 4th I am Four!

What does being a man-cat mean to you?

Being a man-cat means I must protect ma family, ma garden and ma toys.
I am very close to ma humans as they were there for me when I lost ma kitteh mumma at only three weeks old. We haz a very close bond, but don't get me wrong I iz no push over. I only do wots I wants to do and when I wants to do it.

How does it affect your roll in the family?

I iz da man of da house. I am a ruff and tumble boy. I play ruff wif Human1, but rarely Human2. I iz da only male in a house wif 5 felmales makes it hard to finds your own space, if you know wot I means.

Who am I fooling? I do haz my own space! For instance takes ma chair, no humans can sits in it only me. Sometimes I will allow one of my older sisters to sits in it if I am feeling generous, which iz not too often. I iz da youngest in da house, but I still rule da roost. I love ma humans and even ma sisters (although I don't show the sisters how I feels -- I iz a man after all).


As you can see, Boris is a Man-Cat wif cattitude! Don’t let his words fool you though, I’z been hang out with Boris for a while now, and he’s a big softy at heart. He is also a very generous kitty, he’s had a few contests over at his blog, and also shares his opinionz about a few of the pawesome toys he plays with. If you didn’t know Boris before today, this kitty thinks you should go introduce yourself to him, and get better acquainted with your new friend.

Thank you Boris for being Man-Cat of the Week, and for being my pal!

Thank you to you, my readers for continuing to stop by and checking up on all the cats who twitter!!!

Henry aka Quadpawd

4 Comentários:

Pandafur said...

Thats a good interview Henry an Boris. It's good to be top-cat!

Confucius Cat said...

As always Boris is so cute and entertaining. Great interview. Purrs and kisses. Confucius Cat

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

What an exciting week Boris has had. First birfday then man-cat of the week. Wow! Concats to you.

Jenny said...

That's a very good interview wif Boris. I'm glad he's my pal.

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