Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Queen of the Week

Today is a great day! It’s time to announce the next Queen of the Week! I is very thrilled this week to be able to share wif you one kitty whom I’ve always seen as a Queen. She’s smart, funny, demanding, isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Oh, and she’z a famous author too.

Yes, my friends, this week’s Queen is none other than SparkleCat!


I turned 7 on June 24th. It was an exciting birthday for me - my cat-to-cat advice book came out on Amazon that day!

Plus I got Da Bird and a kitty pirate ship. So it was pretty much the awesomest birthday ever.

What does being a Queen feline mean to you?

Not the same thing it does to some Somali cats! I am purebred, and in the world I come from, a Queen is a female kitty who has kittens. My mother (Tina Turner of Tajhara) was a Queen (obviously, because she had me!), which I guess already makes me a Princess! But shortly after my human brought me home, she sent me to the vets and had me spayed. I am glad to know that you don't need to have kittens to be Queen.

When I came to live here, I discovered that it wasn't even necessary to be a purebred cat to be a Queen. In fact, one of the other cats here, Binga, is a pound rescue and she thinks she is Queen too! Sometimes we have arguments over who is the Queen Queen. Sad to say, in all the years I've been here, there has been no clear-cut winner.

Honestly, I think all cats (the girls, at least) are Queens and even if we don't wear physical crowns, we should always behave as if we had one perched on our regal heads. You won't get respect unless you expect it, after all.

How does it affect your role with your subjects?

Unfortunately, my main subject - my human - is one of those types who "questions authority," so she is a handful. Fortunately, because I'm a successful author (I have just been signed to Adams Media for a sequel to my advice book), she knows she has to follow my lead more often than not. In fact, I can get her to follow me all around the house with just a look! Actually, I guess my human is pretty much my only subject. Her boyfriend is ruled by the dog. But come to think of it, the dog is kind of scared of me, even though she's 10 times bigger than me. So does she count as a subject?


I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I am thinking that the dog is definitely one of her subjects. Hehe! Go Sparkle!

Now Sparkle didn’t mention it, but on top of being an author and twitter addict, she also has a couple really cool blogs. You can find her home page here, where she offers links to her advice column and diary. She also has another great blog for Upside Down Kitties here. Several twitter kitties have been featured on her Upside Down Kitty blog, so you might just want to send her a couple belly shots while your visiting.

Thank you Sparkle for taking the time to answer my questions. You’re a Star!

And, of course, thank you to the rest of you for stopping by!

Henry aka Quadpawd

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Dahlia P. Kittenface said...

The dog SHOULD be scared of Sparkle! I mean, look at those lazorz!

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