Thursday, January 29, 2009

And So It Begins

This site is still in it's developmental infancy, but should be operational by February 1, 2009. Nothing you see on the sidebar is concrete, as changes will be made as my human Mom becomes more familiar with Blogger features.
A few of the things we hope to offer on here:

  • Offer links to all cat twitter accounts.
  • Offer links to all blogging cats.
  • Photo album (may do monthly contest too.)
  • Features on outstanding twitter cats.
  • Product reviews.
  • Provide links to organizations that do good works for our kind.
  • Possibly more...
Instead of just writing about what needs to be done on here, we will be focusing on getting things done over the next couple days.
Feel free to leave comments. This site is for everyone, I dare you to expand my vision!
Hope to see you again soon,

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