Monday, July 4, 2011

You Say You Want a #revoLOLshun

Fellow felines the time has come. The time has come for us to stand up and be appreciated.  Todays hoomans have been slacking.  They seem to think that since the Kings of fell, they no longer need to hold us in high esteem.  They are wrong!

That is why the time has come, the time for a  #revoLOLshun
Furiends, please visit the new #revoLOLshun website  where you can join our request… No, make that our CATifesto (of DEMANDS) for the following:

1.      Our PURRPOSE…
2.      BASIC needs….
3.      QUALITY OF LIFE demands…
4.      DIETARY needs….
6.       A rundown of our purrsonal  DUTIES….
7.       GOOD KARMA from our hoomans…
8.       Plus our demand for immediate acceptance and terminology requirement!


Our leader is the GREAT kittehboi from twitter, who is also known as MR. BREEZE

Thanks for stopping by (go to the #revoLOLshun site now… hehe)

Henry (aka Quadpawd) 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Calling All Critters...

Furiends, as many of you are away Christchurch, NZ was recently hit with a devastating earthquake.  And while the Communities citizens are doing everything they can to aid one another alongside various disaster relief teams, I would like to remind you of another segment of Christchurch's population, the animals.

My friend and brother d'Artagnan Rumblepurr who lives in New Zealand, quickly came up with a great way that we animals can help lookout for our own.  He set up a 'Chip-in' widget to help raise funds for the Christchurch (Canterbury) SPCA. (You'll find the widget on the upper right portion of this site.)

I have several pals in New Zealand, and have been lucky to hear from most of them, but there are still a few that I'm very worried for. Please join me in sending purrs and prayers to everyone affected by the earthquakes.  

If you can spare even a dollar for our furry friends in NZ, it would be greatly appreciated. And please watch the News for other ways you may be able to help our human friends too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

BTW  All proceeds raised through 'Chip-in' will go to the Canterbury SPCA

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Furever Friday: MissKittyThing

Guess what time it is… No, it’s not Tool time, or even Miller time, it’s time for another addition of Furever Friday.  Woot!  And your in luck this week, because I’m introducing you to a kitty that few of you know.  Furiends, meet the beautiful MissKittyThing.

Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

No. The Humane Society told Momma and Daddy that I'd been left in a pet carrier on their front porch. HS also said I was about a year old, but my parents think I was only about six months.

How did you find your forever home (or how did it find you?)

Momma and Daddy came to PetSmart to peruse HS cats, and I just happened to be there. Daddy saw me and refused to look at another cat! Both of us were in love at first sight! Momma got me out of the cage, and Daddy signed the adoption papers. At home, I hid under the bed for a long time because I was scared, but I came out and went to bed with Momma and Daddy; it was a good night, and they had bought me several toys and stuff.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

Daddy loves me so much! He lets me do things Momma would never let me do - like sleeping on the table and stuff. It's warm at home, and I get to sleep as much as I want, and Daddy brings me lots of cardboard and trout. I love cardboard and canned trout. Thought probably not at the same time!

What to learn more about this purrty kitty?  It’s as simple as going over and hitting the follow button on twitter.   Trust me when I tell you she’s a sweetheart and would make a great addition to your inner circle! 

Thanks Miss Kitty for sharing your story (and for being my furiend!) *nosetap*

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Henry (Quadpawd)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Furever Friday: Erwin (aka themerz)

OMC…. It’s Caturday already? Guess instead of calling this post Furever Friday I should have renamed it a Caturday Night Special. MOL  Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet up with another great cat this past week and in turn get to share with you a very, very happy rescue story.   Furiends, meet Erwin (aka thesmerz)

Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

Before I found my furever home Iz was living in a warehouse with my sisfurz and my momz. This strange manz was livingz dere tooz. One dayz there was a partyz at the warehouse where Iz livedz and da man who stayed where we did was trying to sellz us to the people at da partyz. 

One of the guyz at da party said he wouldnt buy us but he would TAKE us. Unfortunately hez was only ablez to grabz mez and one of my sisfurz :(...(Myz cat momz & my other sisfur gotz scared and wentz to hidez) This guy seemed nicez to me so Iz let himz pick mez up.  Iz guess he rode his bike to da party so he put us in a box wif a lidz and strapped us to hiz bike and rode us to his homez...There were lotz of other kittiez and some dogz at my diz place...Iz was very curiouz.

How did you find your forever home?

A few dayz later this lady (who is nowz my fureverz hooman momz) camez over...Iz was sleepingz on top of the refrigeratorz.  Theyz woke me up and dat ladyz was holdingz mez...Iz was so sleepy dat I fartedz on herz.(hee hee) she didnt seemz to carez cause she squeezed me anyway and said Iz wuz puufectz for herz...I gotz to ridez in da carz outside of my cat carrierz... right on diz ladyz lap...Iz puurred for 4 dayz straight.  I wuz sad to leavez my realz sisfurz but my newz hoomanz momz was really nice to mez...she evenz sleepz with me on da floor in da bathroomz  my first night in my fureverz home.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

What Iz lovez da most aboutz my foreverz home is my two other sisfurs Brindle and Ginger (ezp Ginger Iz luvz herz very much).  Iz luvz to play and get in troublez and denz look really cute so my hoomanz cant stayz madz at mez!

Iz likez to sleepz and meowz and play wif my kooziez and rollz around on my kitty condo...:) I also lovez to smellz my hoomanz breathe wheneverz they come homez so I can see what they have been eatingz
Iz have a good life...Iz very happy! MEOWZ !


Is that a great story or what?!?!  I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous… Two sisters? That would be HEAVEN for me.  Hehe  Of course the rest of his story is grand too and it sounds like he found himself in the purrfect home.  

What’s that? Was that you meowin’ that you wanted to learn more about Erwin and his extended family?  Well then, you’re in luck.  Turns out that earlier this year his hooman mom wrote a great guest post on on I Have Cat.  You should so go and check it out!

A special thank you to Erwin for sharing his story today.  If we were dogs, you would be Top.  *snicker, nosetap*

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Furever Friday: Blueberrycat

A while back I was shocked to hear that there was a tweeting blueberry.  I couldn’t believe it. I mean obviously anipals can tweet, but Blueberries? Really?  So then I did the only thing I could, I searched it out.  Imagine my happy surprise when I learned that a Blueberry was not only on twitter, but also a CAT.  Yep, my furiends, this week’s featured guest is none other than BlueberryCat.
Blueberry with his blankie

Do you remember your life before finding you forever home?

Before I came to my forever home I lived with a couple that bred my kind of kitty - Devon Rex's.  They were nice and tried their hardest to take good care of us all, (I was one of a litter of four).  Unfortunately they both lost their jobs and the gentleman had health problems that caused him to go into the hospital.  The couple decided that to give us the best possible life they would surrender us to a rescue agency.
Looks like love to me...

How did you find your forever home?

My forever home found me through the Washington/Oregon Devon Rex Rescue and Spinix too group. My mom and other human had adopted a girl Devon Rex named Sonya about a year before and learned what sweet, smart kitties we are.  My mom felt that they had the room and ability to care for other kitties, so she called the rescue group to see if anyone needed a forever home.  The rescue lady told mom about my situation AND that I have asthma so I may need extra care and vet visits down the line. Mom said no problem and set up things for me to come live here.
Happiness: Blueberry sleeping w/Sonya (white) Truffle (brown) and Skookum (Orange Cornish Rex)

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

What I like best of my forever home is that there are other kitties to play with.  Mom and other human are great about making sure we have everything we need from good food and great toys to comfy beds and warm laps.  I really love to play fetch with a fuzzy ball. We all get our special pats and lovies.  My forever home also has dogs - great big dogs! They used to be racing greyhounds but now they pretty much just sleep on the couch.  Sometimes I'll sneak up and cuddle with one.  When they go in the backyard I watch from the window, often they make up their own fun by racing each other!  They may be retired but they are still really fast! 

So far my asthma hasn't caused any problems other than it's hard to hide because everyone finds me by listening for my breathing.  I didn't have very much of a coat when I first came here, Mom thinks that was maybe because of the food I had been eating and stress, but now I've grown more hairs with good food and lots of love.  Mom and other human do think I'm just one of those kitties that won't have a super dense, fluffy coat.


Wow, what a great tale! How lucky is the Blueberry’s Mom, to have such a furiendly kitty?!  I’m so glad that fate brought them together and that Blueberry has such a (big) and wonderful family.  If you haven’t met Blueberry you should head over to twitter and introduce yourself.  I know I’m sure lucky to have him as one my pals! 

Blueberry, thank you for sharing your wonderful story!  (Oh and how did you convince your Mom to get you some doggies? Henry want! Hehe)

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

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