Friday, October 29, 2010

Furever Friday: GiacTheCat

Yay, it’s Furever Friday once again! This week my pal Giacomo (aka GiacTheCat) is sharing his story. And what a story it is too. I’m not really clear on whether he was placed by an angel or placed with one, but one thing is for certain; Giacomo had a very unique way of entering the lives of his furever family! But hey, it’s his story, so I’m going to let him tell it…


Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

I remember it was cold and lonely in the attic I was born in, and my litter mates were noisy cause they were crying. I also remember wondering why my cat mom wasn't about to take care of us.

How did you find your forever home (or how did it find you?)

One day Mom told Dad she heard some meowing or crying in the house but Dad said he didn't hear anything. She looked outside in the bushes but didn't find anything. Everybody thought she was nuts but she knew she heard something. Finally Dad agreed to look in the basement but he didn't find anything. Mom kept hearing the faint cries. She asked Dad to look in the attic but he thought there was no way there was anything up there. He went up there anyway and he found me and three other kittens. We were cold and hungry, and apparently our cat Mom had not been able to take care of us. We were carefully wrapped up and put in a box. Our Mom's Mom used to own and run pet shops, so she knew exactly what to do for us.

We had to be bottle-fed and kept warm cause we were only about three weeks old. Mom had cancer at the time, and taking care of us (with her Mom's help) was a nice way of getting her mind off her treatments. We grew big and strong, but unfortunately one of my litter mates didn't make it. Eventually when Mom was stronger and we were bigger, my sister and I lived full time with my Mom, and her Mom took my twin brother. Mom gave us Italian names because Dad is Italian and she was sucking up to him. He really isn't a cat person but over the years I have swayed him.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

My favorite thing is getting lots of attention. It's hard being abandoned your biological mom and it makes me kind of needy sometimes. I also like the security, the companionship of my brothers and sister, and the great noms!


I’m almost meowless after learning about Giacomo… I can’t wrap my paws around how he got so lucky to be rescued and loved in the very home his cat Mom choose for him! Maybe she couldn’t care for him and his siblings when they were babies, but she was very wise in her decision on where to place them! Oh and the fact that his human Mom is doing better is just a catnip garnish on a tuna casserole! (Or in human speak it's awesome, fantastico, and/or great news!)

Thank you Giacomo for sharing your story! It’s a great one and I count myself lucky to be one of your pals.

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Furever Friday: SeattleP

Yay! Today, I am lucky in that I get to share another great Furever Friday story with you!  Today’s guest is my pal Jeego, who shares her twitter account with her Mom using the name @SeattleP.  Jeego is a sweet girl who loves to visit with her friends and hangs out at the #nipclub whenever she gets the chance.  There’s a lot more to her story though, as you will soon discover…


Do you remember your life before finding your forever home?

I was about 6 weeks old when I was left at Seattle Animal Shelter.  They didn't want me because I didn't look like a true Siamese.  My markings were not the same on my face and my front legs.  People were confused at what kind of Siamese I was.  The Shelter I was left at was a kill shelter so I was hoping I would find a home before my time was up.

How did you find your forever home?

One day the lady came in to the shelter.  She was looking for a white cat.  I was 8 weeks old and my body looked white at that age.  (I look darker now)  She saw me and fell in love with me.  My peeps were looking for a friend for Pumpkin their adult cat.  My dad picked me up a few days later after I had been microchipped and given shots.  I was really sick the first day they had to put me in the bathroom.  The vet gave me special food and medication.  I made it fine after my first night.  My brother Pumpkin was training me.  He was like a dog he would follow dad around when dad was outside.  He taught me how to knock on the door, how to stay in the back yard, come when being called.......  Unfortunately, he had cancer and passed away.  My peeps cried so hard he was a special cat.  Dad still misses him.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

They let me jump on their tummies and bounce off like a trampoline.  They don't mind if I give them love bites.  They treat me like a queen.  I own the living room and the kitchen.  My mom let me share her twitter account @SeattleP.  My peeps are over 40 so I forgive her for being lazy and not wanting to have a blog or FB.  As long as they keep the tuna coming I am happy to share twitter with her ;)  


Well there you have it my furiends, the cat behind the twitter account. Hehe If you haven’t met Jeego yet, I would recommend that you introduce yourself soon.  She is super sweet kitty who is always there for her furiends.  Don’t let that sweetness fool you though, she love’s her catnip and knows how to #pawpawty down. *snicker*

Thanks Jeego, for sharing your story.  Oh… and I don’t think those people who gave you up didn’t want you, I think that they just knew that you deserved better than they could offer.  Just meowin’

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (Quadpawd)

Friday, October 1, 2010

FureverFriday: ChezLuna

OMC… I’m so excited.  This week I was lucky enough to catch up with @ChezLuna (aka Jack and Luna) a great brother and sisfur duo from Catifornia.
 Luna is a grey tabby/tortie female, about 3 years old, very lazy/cuddly lap cat. Jack is a white/brown DSH male, 1 year old, full of energy and bad ideas. Staff = Dude (surfing bear) + Frog (French mama).


LUNA: Back in June 2008, I found myself lost on the streets of Santa Monica, CA (don't remember how). I was about 6 months old and thought I was pregnant. I was very hungry and afraid, a sweet little girl obviously used to a safe home. A nice lady took me in her apartment, fed me, and let me sleep with her in a warm, fluffy bed. Unfortunately, she could not keep me because her lease didn't allow pets.

JACK: I was dumped on the street a year ago with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters: we were 3 weeks old, so I don't remember anything. We were taken to a public shelter in Los Angeles, where we would have all been PTS because we were too young, if not for a fabulous rescue group that fostered us with a nice family until we were ready to be adopted. (My 2 sisters were adopted by a Beverly Hills family, and my 2 brothers by a Glendale family.)

LUNA: The nice lady knew neighbors who had lost their 23 year old cat to old age and sickness a few months before. She asked them whether they would be ready to adopt me. The neighbors --a big teddy-bearish surfer dude and a French mama-- fell in love with me instantly. Time for them to ready their home for my arrival, and to schedule an appointment with the vet, and I was in! The vet experience wasn't fun, with neutering, shots and microchipping, but luckily I only had a false pregnancy. My new staff pampered me until I was fully recovered... and ready to take over their home!

JACK: Even though Frog works from home and gave Luna a lot of attention (as well the Dude whenever he was home), she needed more fun and interaction, so the family decided to find her a companion. After much research, they settled on finding a male kitten with sufficient mojo to fit with Luna's lap princess personality. At the same time, my foster mom posted information about my litter for adoption on Craigslist and Twitter, and that's how staff found me. My 2 sisters had already been adopted, and we were the 3 brothers left for adoption. I immediately took over the Dude, while my 2 brothers Mo and Louie stuck together out visitors' way (it's a good thing they were adopted together, as I was the most fearless and independent of all.) When my foster mom took me to my new home, I was 2 months old. The first few days were rough, as Luna was reluctant to share her palace, but Frog and Dude took the time to make the introduction to Luna, with lots of cuddles and attention to both of us. Within 2 days, Luna and I shared the same room (though at a safe distance,) but Frog had to sleep in a different room with Luna for 13 days, while I slept with the Dude in a different room, until we all felt safe about Luna's potential reaction.)

LUNA & JACK: We live in a nice apartment with lots of toys, a humongous, fun cat tree, scratch pads and fluffy beds everywhere, and large windows plus balcony to watch a busy wildlife: birds, bugs, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other pets on the street (non-stop activity!)

We get a lot of attention from Frog and Dude, and it's great to have Frog at home most of the time; nothing beats walking on her keyboard or in front of her computer screen when she's trying to work. She's also the biggest goofball of all when she plays with us. The Dude is, well, a Dude, but also the best cuddler on the planet... and the best to sleep on at night!

For Luna, it's fun not be alone anymore, and to have a little bro she can teach who's boss to, as well as the ropes of kitty life (staff calls her The Jedi.) For Jack, it's great to have a big sis from whom to learn all the kitty tricks and tips he didn't get to learn from his mommy. Our different personalities combine well for play and cuddlepiles, and we get to share and enjoy things together that only kitties can understand. Someone once said that cats come in pairs, and it's very true.

What else? Ah: our pantry is always full of yummy food and treats:

We also get to grow grass and catnip for unlimited consumption:

Last but not least: staff volunteers at a local, non-PTS rescue that helps homeless kitties find loving homes. Tough this means sharing their attention with furry strangers, we're happy those kitties get to enjoy tender love and care; plus we get to sniff all sorts of intriguing smells when staff comes home from the rescue! We may have turned into spoiled brats, but we will never forget that once, we were homeless kitties, too.


WOW!  I gotta meow… Stories like these make me pawsative that rescuing humans is the best way for us animals to find a good home.   If you know a stray human, introduce him/her to a friendly cat or (even) dog right away.  It’s the right thing to do!

Jack and Luna:THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful story.  I am super happy that you have such a great home life!

As for the rest of you...

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

Want to see more of this SERIOUSLY CUTE DUO?  Check out their YouTube Channel.

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