Friday, June 25, 2010

Furever Friday: Boomer

Happy Furever Friday!  This week I am thrilled to share with you the Furever home story of my good pal Boomer!

Do you remember anything about your life before finding you forever home?

I was told that my fur mom wandered into a lady’s backyard and made herself at home.  The lady allowed my fur mom to live in the greenhouse which was good ‘cause a few days after my mom arrived me and my 5 brothers and sisters were born.

How did you find your forever home?

About six months earlier my human mom and dad’s boy kitty had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was 21.  They were waiting for me to be born, they just didn’t know I was the one they were waiting for until mom got an email that had been forwarded by a friend.  Mom really wanted an orange boy cat.  Dad had mentioned a few weeks before that he didn’t want another kitty.  Mom said ok but she had already seen a picture of me and my sibs.  When we were old enough to receive visitors, mom came home from work and told dad she was going to see some baby cats.  Well my dad just about knocked mom over dashing to the car to go meet us.  When they arrived at our birth house we were just 4-1/2 weeks old.  Mom didn’t know who to chose but dad did.  He picked me up in his giant hands and said to mom, “I want this one.”  Mom smiled and said “He’s the one.”  When me and my sibs were six weeks old mom came back with Gramma to pick me up.  She knew the lady and her family cared for us but it made mom nervous that six baby cats were running around in the backyard and living in the greenhouse at night.  There are raccoons and foxes and coyotes in our city and she was afraid something might happen to me.

At my new house I was introduced to my two older sisters, CiCi and Teika.  They were not too impressed with my arrival but they thought I was one of those feral kittens mom rescues so I would only be staying for a few days, a week tops.  Teika told me recently that CiCi is still waiting for me to leave.  CiCi can’t believe that no one has come to take me away to my furever home like all the other kittens that used to stay here.  I haven’t bothered to correct her.  Hee hee.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

Since taking over this house, three years ago, I have whipped everyone and everything into shape.  I snooper-vise every detail of every activity.  Mostly I let mom make the decisions because I don’t want her thinking I am trying to micro manage.  I try to only give assistance when it is really needed like the time mom was making a quilt for someone and I made suggestions about the colours for the tulips.  I also had to check to make ensure the stitch length was set properly on the sewing machine.  Or the time mom was painting the planters for our garden and she needed my help watching the paint dry.  Mom likes to bake so I help her by testing to make sure the ice water is cold enough to add to the pie dough. 

I have lots of daily tasks but the most fun is when dad comes home from work and we play “landing kitty”.  I roll over on the landing to expose my belly so that as dad comes up the stairs I get the best belly rub ever.  Then I play bitey his hand.  At the end of each day I am quite exhausted and collapse falling into a deep and restful sleep until it is time for my before bed treats.

I am a very lucky boy cat.


Lucky indeed!   Boomer , thanks so much for sharing your story! 

You know, he didn’t come right out and meow it, but it is so obvious that he is in charge of his household.  Way to go Boomer; way to go!

Thanks for stopping by!
Henry (aka Quadpawd)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Furever Friday: Meow_Girls

This week I am very excited to share with you the stories of two very beautiful ladies.  Both ladies traveled many roads on the journey to their furever homes, but patience paid off and they both ended up in the purrfect  family.  Friends, please say hello to the Meow_Girls.

What do you remember about your journey to your furever home?

On Twitter, everyone knows us as the Meow_Girls. But at home we are just Tippy and Penny. Penny is the big gray and white girl. And I, Tippy am the little Calico that chases her..Tee hee. We are going to tell our story, so follow closely. You never know which of us will jump in and talk.


Let's start with what I (Tippy) remember of my early life. I don't remember too much. I had kittens at less than a year old. I know I had a home and a sisfur too. Actually we both had kittens around the same time. Our humans must have decided that they didn't want us or our babies. We figured this out because one day, not long after our kittens came, the humans put us all in a box and took us somewhere in the car. When the car stopped, we had no idea where we were. They took our box and put us down on a step. All I remember is they drove off and it was very hot there. It was a Sunday and we were hungry and very thirsty but no one came to help us.

The next morning a nice man came along rattling his keys. He went to open the door of the building and you should have seen his face when he looked down. He seemed happy to see us. We later found out we were at a safe place. It is called Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ. They take care of kitties and puppies that no one wants. For awhile they kept all of us together but then we started hitting each other. The shelter even nicknamed me "Mommy Dearest" and my sisfur was "Joan Crawford". I don't remember my real name. The shelter people always played with me. It was home to us. At least they seemed to love us.

A few days after I was put up for adoption, Annie and Kathy came in looking for a kitty because Annie's kitty, whose name was Callie, had recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I heard Annie say that she had gone many places that day and could not find a kitty that she felt a connection with. Then they took me out and let her hold me. She was so nice to me. She was not sure she wanted a cat that had kittens so I showed her what I thought of that. They put me down on the floor so she could watch me walk. I walked, yeah right. I ran right back into my cage and shut the door behind me. I really did!

Everyone laughed but I think that's when Annie fell in love with me. Right after that I saw her talking to the lady who worked there. They came back and let me out of the cage again. After Annie petted me for awhile, I was put into a carrier. I knew I was going home. I was sad that I was leaving my kittens and sisfur behind but I knew they were safe and would find a human to love them too.


Ok show off, now it's my turn to tell everyone where I came from. I think I was born in Bayonne, NJ. At least that's where I lived for two years. My real name has always been Penelope but Kathy nicknamed me Penny.
I don't remember how I ended up in a shelter the first time. Let's just say I did. I was very young. I don't even remember my first human's name. What I remember is that we were very happy together. She was a young lady and took nice care of me. Then one day she came home from work and she was crying. I sat on her lap and she told me she had lost her job and couldn't afford to take care of me anymore. She took me back to the shelter and returned me to them. I lived there a few months. It was a private shelter in a groomer's store. It was very cold there. Then one day, my lady came back for me. She still wasn't working but missed me. For a long time, the shelter provided her with my food because she was still not working. We were together and I was happy again. Things changed again when the girl had to move in with her father. She kept me after the move and life was good for awhile. But it seems her father decided he was afraid he would fall over me. He was an elderly man and didn't like kitties anyway. So again, it was back to the cold shelter. They didn't have a lot of money to take care of the kitties but they did the best they could. We were fed and had water. We were also kept clean.

But as I said, it was very cold.

I remember this like it was yesterday. I was in my cage hiding in the corner as usual because I was so sad. These two ladies came into the room. They kept looking at me and I kept hiding more. Then my cage-mate, Button, started cleaning me. He was licking my fur until it shone. Then he started pushing me towards the front of the cage. Hey, he was my friend. Why was he pushing me out? I guess he was smarter than I was because right when he pushed me to the front, the cage was opened.  The shelter lady picked me up and put me on a table.  She called Kathy over and I was still shy. Then she petted me and I rubbed against her. She seemed nice. Then I heard her tell the lady that her kitty, Randi, who she’d had for a long time had gone to the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks before. She didn’t plan on adopting another cat so soon. But one day she went on just to see what kitties were up for adoption. And there I was. She told the shelter lady that when she saw me, she said to her sister, Annie “I need that cat”. Right then Kathy decided to try and adopt me. She worried so much that I would be gone before she got there. She didn’t need to worry. I was a two year old and was the one there the longest. It seems not many humans want an adult cat. So I hope older kitties don’t give up. We are special and lovable.

That’s how we ended up being adopted. We have two different stories but they are very much the same.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

We are two very loved kitties and are so blessed. Originally, Penny lived alone with Kathy. Penny is about seven years old. Then Kathy’s and Annie’s mommy died leaving Annie and Grandpa alone with Callie. The girls rented a very nice apartment but it was expensive. And even though Kathy lived alone for many years, she and Annie decided to all move in together. This way Grandpa would never be alone or sad. He now had two kitties. Penny got along with Callie but when Callie died, Penny was sad. And then I (Tippy) came to live with them about three years ago. I am a silly kitty and love to pounce on Penny. But we really do love each other. Oh yeah, Guess how I got my name?  Tippy is my nickname. Originally when I got to my furever home, no one could think of a good name for me. Then one day, I was running through the rooms and Annie noticed that I ran on my toes. Therefore she named me Tip-i-Toes. I prefer “Princess Tip-i-Toes”. But as long as everyone loves and cuddles us, plays with us and feeds us. We are two happy cats!

The very best thing about our furever home is that we have one. We know that Annie, Kathy and Grandpa will always let us sleep in whichever bed we want.

We are warm and happy.  Oh yeah, and we get lots of treats.

Please do us one favor. Don’t tell them how much we love them. Even though we think they already know.

 OMC... Talk about taking the long way home. I'm so glad they did though, because it sounds like  they ended up right where they belonged.  

If your not friends with these two on twitter yet, you should be. They are very sweet and adorable girls who love to meow and share with their friends.  (In other meows, go an introduce yourselves, STAT.)

Thank you Penny and Tippy for taking the time to share your story with everyone!  

Thanks for stopping by,

Henry (Quadpawd)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Furever Friday: Purring Zoey

I know what you were thinking, ‘That Henry fella forgot to post his Furever Friday post again.’  I’m happy to tell you that that’s not what happened. Actually, I kinda bit my featured guest too hard and she was too upset  to type out her responses.  *nervous laugh*

This week, in honor of the America Humane’s Adopt-A-Cat-Month, I decided to feature one of my favorite Shelter kitties, my sisfur Zoey.  Unfortunately, Zoey hasn’t been able to get online as much as she wants, but she promises to work on that.  So here we go…

What was your life like before you found your furever home?

When I was a little kitten I lived with a couple humans and another kitty, but they had a baby and decided to take my sisfur and I to an animal shelter.
I was there just two days before I heard some sad news.  Well, the first part wasn’t so bad, my sisfur cat got adopted.  The second part though, was HORRIBLE!!  You see the shelter was a very crowded and they needed to make room for more kitties.  To do that, they were going to ‘get rid’ of kitties they deemed unadoptable. ME; I was on that list!

How did you find your forever home?

I was sooooo scared at the Shelter. A few people stopped by early that afternoon, but nobody as much as cuddled me. Then… Then everything changed.  A lady came in and was chatting with my caretaker.  “Meow”, I cried.  “Mep,meow…”  She acted like I wasn’t even there, and I heard her tell the uniformed lady that she had just decided to adopt a kitty from a nearby rescue. “NO! WAIT…”

Before she left though she said that she wanted to meet the kitties.  She held three;./’l; other cats before she got to me.  When my turn came, the pressure was on.  The shelter closed in an hour and no one else was there.  I had to win her over. Had to.  She picked me up and then read the card on my cage. While she read it, it was like her whole mood changed.  She hugged me a little tighter and seemed sad.  After a couple minutes she put me back in the cage and visited with some other kitties.
She came back though; even when she pick up other kitties she would still talk to me.  Eventually she stopped visiting with the other cats looked at me and said, “There isn’t anything thing at all wrong with you, is there?!”  All of a sudden I found myself on a table and the lady was checking me out for sores and ear mites.  I guessed I passed inspection, because right after she finished she took me to an office and told the lady she wanted to give me a home. YES!

What is your favorite thing about your forever home?

I love lots of things about my forever home. First, my human Mom and I have a great relationship.  I’m a bit of a lap kitty and a snuggler, and she seems to like that. It doesn’t hurt that she had been scratching kitty chins for years either. She’s got that down to a science. Hehe

Oh, and Henry is, of course, a great brother (usually.) MOL

When I first moved in he welcomed me with open paws.  He showed me the ropes and even let me have the litter pan with the lid. (Later I learned that he gave me that pan so that he could pounce on me when I was ‘otherwise occupied.’)  

I guess you could say that my relationship with Henry is constantly evolving.  Sometimes he plays a little rough for my taste, but I’ve also learned that when I’m sick or hurting he is right there beside me, trying to figure out how to make it all better.  What more could a kitty ask for?


Dang.  Zoey is one long-winded kitty! (j/k)  She’s a yapper, but I love her just the same.  Oh and about my playing rough… I can’t help myself, she has the most nommable neck I have ever tasted. Hehe

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

BTW... Zoey hasn't made a lot of twitter pals yet, so please consider heading over to twitter and introduce yourself.

But wait, there's more:  Mom wanted me to mention a couple other things... The Shelter didn't admit that Zoey was scheduled to be put down until after Mom adopted her (Zoey was scheduled to be put down the following morning.)  Mom worked at a shelter several years ago though, and knew how to read the card.  Zoey had one issue working against her, her black fur. Black cats are the hardest to adopt out, and are often the first to be put down in a shelter setting.  So if your human is considering adding another cat to your household, ask them to consider all the kitties before making a choice.
Oh, and that other cat Mom had planned to adopt found a new home about month later.  That kitty was very fortunate, in that before she found her furever home, she was living in a No-Kill Rescue.  

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