Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's.... CATURDAY!!!

featherfudz.......  WANT!!!!!
moar funny pictures

I had a gud chuckle dis morning when I saw dis. My mom just filleded our birdfeeder today, and I too can watch da birdies right outside my window! Now if I could just figure out howz to get dem inside... Just meowin'

I hope you has a great Caturday!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Man-Cat of the Week

Hi everyone. Remember me? It’s Henry. I knowz I’ve been away for a while, but it’s been for a good cause. I has been trying to help my Mommy find a better job. Anywho… I’ve been hearing from several of my friends that they want me to bring back da Man-Cat and Queen of da Week. So I has called upon a good buddy/ role model of mine to help me get tis going again.

Ladies and Gents, I would like to introduce you to this week’s Man-Cat of the Week, Misha…

Age - 5

What does being a mancat mean to you?

I'm more of what you would call a modern mancat. It's a fine balance between being sensitive and loving but also knowing how to strut my sexy self. It's hard being adored by everyone, but it's a burden I proudly bear.

I love the limelight and sharing my gorgeousness with the world in my blog, The World According to Misha, so I'm very excited about being a finalist in New Zealand's Next Top Cat Model. Goes to show that top models aren't just girls! You can vote for me

How does it affect your role in the family?

I'm definitely #1 in the household. If anyone comes over, they always coo "Where's Misha?" as soon as they walk in the door and I run to give them the full Misha welcome while my sister Cosmo hides under the bed like a pussy.

I monopolise Mummy's attention (and her lap), because I have to make up for Cosmo not being very affectionate.


Wowza, now that’s what I call a Man-Cat. Misha is all about da self-esteem. No wonder he is such a pawesome role model for me and for all the up and coming Man-Cats in training.

Thank you, Misha for taking the time to answer my questions. And, of course, thank you to the rest of you for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

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