Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caturday Snapshot

funny pictures

Run Loki, run!!!
moar funny pictures

You can find our friend Loki on twitter as orangecatblues. He also has a pawesome website here.

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Purrs and nosetaps,

Oscar and Henry

Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow 5 Friday wk 3

Welcome to another addition of F5F. We have four great cats and one pawesome dog for you today.


Our first guest is our friend RomeoTheCat

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

She’s such a softie, she pretty much goes along with whatever I want. So when I wanted to go online, I looked up at her with HUGE eyes and she could not resist. Plus I told her I wanted to make it for a good cause and that I would give 5 cents to animal rescue for every follower I got! That sealed the deal.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

I have met sooooo many nice friends! I can’t believe I have dog
friends, hamster friends, guinea pig friends, horse friends, bird
friends and fish friends! And, in between naps and snacks, I love to
see what my furry buddies are doing throughout the day.

3.Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

My brother Pugsley and I came from a Persian Rescue in Marysville, Ohio. We are so grateful for our good luck that we want to help other furries find homes like ours. We have gotten nice donations from people on Twitter for our cause and also have a couple of pet companies who have agreed to give us donations as well! We are so excited! Each month we are choosing a new rescue to receive the donations. Will you please follow me or visit my blog to keep up with our efforts? AND tell your buddies! I know we all want other furries to be happy too!


Our second recommendation is dahliapkitten of Paws and Effect.

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

My mama is very well-trained. She's been helping my sibs, Siouxsie and Thomas, and me write Paws and Effect ( for a long, long time--even since before I adopted her. Anyway, I heard about Twitter and I thought, "Wow, that's awesome! A microblog for a micro-cat!" I asked Mama to set up an account for me, and the rest is history.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

I like making short posts. My grumpy sister Siouxsie says it's 'cause I have a short attention ... hey what's that? The Purple Ball? Oooh, shiny! Hey Thomas, catch! *swat*

... Oh, yeah! As I was saying, I like making short posts and I love making new kitty friends on Twitter. It's lots of fun to get to know other cats from all over the place--it's like a giant virtual catnip party! I also like having my own space that I don't have to share with Siouxsie and Thomas. Oh, and I've been able to introduce my mama to some really cool cat-loving people, too.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

I adopted Mama two and a half years ago. My A-Day is September 19. I'm really happy I chose her, even though she came with two other cats. I love to snuggle with my brother Thomas, and sometimes I can even sneak a snuggle with grumpy old Siouxsie if I'm very very quiet. I'm very fluent in LOLcat, but I prefer to write in regular Humanglish. I like to talk LOLcat to annoy Siouxsie and Thomas, though. I can haz cheezburgr plzkthankx?!?


Our special guest is our favorite litter trained puppy Pappup.

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

My person had to convince me! My Twitter was already set up for me when I arrived here to my forever home. That's why I'm @pappup on Twitter: my person and I waited to meet each other before deciding on my forever name together. @pappup means papillon puppy, which still fits.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

When I'm not napping, I'm always busy looking for something to do, and Twitter always has something going on. I like most of the other doggies & kitties on there and I also really like chatting with anipals of other species. Twitter anipals are usually much better than Twitter persons cuz anipals rarely try to sell you real estate or SEO or marketing services, and we also share tips with each other for getting away with mischief.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Can I have two things? One is that my bestest anipal and part-time roomie @BooKittyKat was responsible for the Groucho glasses on my icon - she is fun to play with but she is also a terrorist. And two, more persons should know papillons are practically perfect doggies! We aren't as well known or popular as many doggie brands so I like to point out how special we are. My woofsite includes lots of info about paps and also a lot of papillon videos. By the way, I am a purebred doggie, but I'm not a snob.. some of my best friends are mutts :>


I decided I would take this opportunity to tell you more about me, OscarTheCat.

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Well, I had been trying to convince Mom that I should take over her blog for months. Then, one day while I was surfing the net, something on one of my favorite blogs caught my eye. Daisy The Curly Cat had a twitter account as DaisyCurlyCat. It got me to thinking... After I showed mom that she had lots of feline friends on twitter, my mom said I could try it. OMC! I luv twitter.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

All the PAWESOME friends I have made on twitter. When you spend all you time with humans it's nice to be able to relate other animals that have had similar experiences. Also, I've been pretty sick lately and I have had so many twitter pals give me and my mom support. You guys rock!

3.Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

That I really enjoy working on this website and will try to spend more time organizing it as I continue to feel better.


The final featured twitter cat is Quadpawd

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Well, when I first moved into my forever home, I used my brothers (OscarTheCat) account a couple times and decided I wanted one of my own. After a few weeks of snuggling with my new mom, she caved and set up my account.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

All my new twitter pals. Oscar hired Mom over 17 years ago and had her pretty much trained to his liking. My twitter pals have offered pawesome advise on how to get mom to see things my way at times, without stepping on Oscars paws.

3.Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Mom and Oscar rescued me from the local animal shelter, and I am thrilled to be in my new forever home. Oh, and Oscar, if your reading this, I am sorry about all those times I attacked you. I promise I will stop if you would just get better already.


Mom is helping write up some new questions for the coming weeks and we welcome any kittys and other critters that would like to gain new followers to participate. If you would like to be part of Follow 5 Friday please DM me at @OscarTheCat or email me at thefurrytripod at gmail dot com.

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Purrs and Nosetaps,

Oscar and Henry

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Twitter Cats I highly recommend:

  1. SimonKitteh
  2. Forever_Foster
  3. BongoKitty
  4. RosieandCheeto
  5. orangecatblues
  6. DaisyCurlyCat
  7. skeezixthecat
  8. Megumi_N_Seimei
  9. MrScrubby
  10. NelsonColumnist
  11. BlackFrankie
  12. BrewskieButt
  13. TerrorKittyDuff

This list would have been easier if it had been Thursday 300 or even Thursday 30, but it is what it is. Henry and I will try to list some of our favorite twitter pals every week.

Know any Twitter cats that aren't on our main list? Let us know and we would be happy to add them.

Thanks for stopping by!

OscarTheCat and Henry (Quadpawd)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's Blogger

As many of you probably guessed hours ago, Henry and I didn't have an interview prepared for today. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will feature another blogger next Tuesday!

Purrs and Nosetaps to you all!

Oscar and Henry

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Caturday Snapshots

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Here we have a photo of Pepi and Boni Maroni of @HotMBC by Gree. (Gree is the cutie pictured on their twitter aviator.) Make sure you click over to icanhascheezburger and vote.

Also, if you have a cheezburger photo you would share with everyone here, just let me know, and I will get you post too.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Follow 5 Friday, wk 2

Welcome to Follow 5 Friday. This week I am pleased to introduce 5 special friends. Four of my cat friends and one dog.

Todays first guest is @MrRipRip . Ripley is an indoor kitty with a very special gift:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Like others have said, my hooman had already been on twitter and came across @sockington. He reminded her of me and I got a little jealous. So it was decided that Ripley could also have a twitter account in addition to the hooman's, @nicolelbt. I have many nicknames so we debated and ended up going with MrRipRip. Personally I think my tweets are much better than the hooman's.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

The other kitties and animals have stories that make me laugh. Plus they understand my frustrations with hoomans, such as not keeping the bowl full to the very top at all times, the lack of consistent catnip access, and how difficult stalking them is when they insist on moving from room to room.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Ripleypants is a polydactyl kitty, I have 23 toes. Seven on one front paw, 6 on the other, and 5 on each back paw. I was rescued by the hoomans almost 2 years ago. Hoomans are mostly okay as they give me bellyrubs and have a comfy bed to sleep on, but I not as crazy about graycat. She's alright as long as she doesn't sniff me too much, though she's definitely way too talkative. "MEOW MEOW MEOW" that's all I hear all day. Oh, and I love to play fetch all the time except when I'm sleeping. And eat string.

My next friend is @BooKittyKat . This is one kitty who likes to go where the humans say no.

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

ai didunt. mai purrsin duzent kair abowt twittrz sew ai mayd mai furrend iTrixie (@pappup) hellp mee. ai had too let hur snif mai butt ferst.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

ai kan showe awf mai kyoot too evrywon. an ai kan wright too faymouse purrsinz. an ai lyk hereing frumm awl tha uthr kittykatz.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

ai em a minachur blak kittykat. an ai lyk too pownse. an ai em adooribl. an ai wil ewes mai LAZR GAYZ UV DUME on yoo. an ai donut speel sew gud cuz ai haf nebr bin tew skoolz. butt ai em lernig. iz thatt won thng yett? ai donut cownt sew gud ethir.

@SimonKitteh is a very cool California dude.

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

My Mom started writing a post on her bloggiethingie called "Simon Sunday". She would post a picture of me and talk about what a kewt stinker I am. But she hasn't been keeping her blog up as much, so I meowed her into letting me have my own Twitterz.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

I like that I can haz anipalz and it's not all weird, ya know? Coz, IRL, I can be pretty shy with humanz (especially Small Loud Humanz--Momma calls them "children") and other kittehz and IRL goggiez really scare me! But everyone iz kewl on Twitterz! I hazn't been hissed or swatted at so far!

3.Tell me o
ne thing you want all your followers to know about you?

I eat lots of things kittehz (and goggiez) shouldn't eat. So if you eated something "bad" and your Mom/Dad/Human/Staff want to know how much they should freak out, they should look at my Momma's Simon Sunday posts because I've probably already eated it and Mom's called the V-E-T. (She's not a *bad* Mom...she just never knows what I'll take a sudden interest in or her frienz leave foodz unwatched and I eatz them!)

And yet another California friend; @terrorkittyduff

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Mommy, @crazycatladie, opened up her twitter account first. She began following @MojoTheCat and that is when she wanted me to join. I was excited to join too so I could meet other kitty friends.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

Twitter introduced me to new critters: ferrets, dogs, and birds. I love that I made a lot of new kitty friends.
I've discovered that all animals are pretty cool, even doggies!

3.Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

I like to attack my Mommy whenever she is on the toilet. She tells me to stop and go back into the living room, but WHY does she keep leaving the bathroom door cracked!?
Also, I will be one years old on March 13! Keep that date =^>>^=

My final guest is @LouLouPants is a sweet dog from Oregon.

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Well, I am a little high strung and Mammie thought that giving me an outlet for all my energy would be a great idea. I was a little nervous at first but warmed up quickly and am so happy to have so many anipals!! Even cats! Can you believe it???? I have learned a lot from my Twitter pals and am happy to be a part of all of it. Mammie has some good ideas some times. :-)

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

My favoriest thing about Twitterin' is all my pals! They make me laugh and it makes me feel not so silly when I see other anipals doin' the same stuff that I do! I also love learnin bout all the great causes that some of the twitimals tell me bout. Itz makin' me and my Mammie more aware!

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you.

I want them to know that even though itz just on the computer, they mean so much to me. A day without Twitter is a day wasted!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Share Your Pictures Here

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Do you have any photos on Icanhazscheezburger? I you want to share them on here for all your feline friends to see, send me a link and we will post them here. This will be an ongoing option, let us know whenever you have a new one too.

We also wanted to say thank you to all of you for your purrayers and kind words during Oscars illness. Whatever happens he knows that he is a much loved kitty.

Purrs and nosetaps,

Quadpawd (aka. Henry)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogger Tuesday Featuring: BrewskieButt

All photos used by permission by BZTAT

I notice your blog is a bit different than most 'cat blogs' in that you seem to be more of a spokes kitty than site manager. What exactly is your role on the site?

It is true that my job is the Official Spokes cat for Art Adventures Studios (, my person’s art studio. My person (BZTAT) is an artist and she paints a lot of pictures of animals. I help get the word out about what she is creating so that others can enjoy it. My job, on her blog “The Buzz from BZTAT!” ( is to help do that, but also to write interesting stories. Although my person knows a lot about cats, she isn’t one, so I have a more relevant perspective to cats and other critters who read her blog.

There are lots of artists who blog primarily to sell their artwork. My person and I get a little tired of just hearing about what they have put up on Etsy or Artfire, etc., and wish that they would spend more time letting people know who they are and what is special about their lives and artwork. My person wants to sell her artwork too (she does have 4 cats to support), but she finds sales are more special when they happen with folks with whom she has gotten to know. Art is about life, and life is about art. Her blogs and my blogs are about the interaction about life and art, what inspires her to create, and what sort of things go on in the life of an artist and an artist’s cat.

My person is in the process of making a series of artworks of Twitter Critters who have given her permission to use their avatars for inspiration!

So far you've done two guest posts on, any chance that will become a regular feature? (Do you anticipate a more active role in the future?)

My person was a little uncertain about letting me blog on “The Buzz from BZTAT!” at first. The response to my first blog was so positive, though, she is going to let me do many more blog posts! Our next door neighbor, who is very much a dog person and not a cat person, told BZTAT, “I can’t believe that I am reading the writings of a cat, but I love it!” Gotta turn those dog persons to the other side…

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I like to blog on Twitter because I get to know so many cool cats and other critters! People too! I also learn a lot of things there that I would not learn anywhere else. When I blog on “The Buzz from BZTAT!” I can write longer pieces and post colorful pictures. I can express myself more fully and be a more artful cat. And it makes the Slick cat jealous, because she isn’t allowed to blog. Tee hee!

Out of all the sites you participate in, which is your favorite? Why?

My person has a Café Press store ( and a Zazzle shop ( that feature artwork of me. I have my own product line on Café Press (! I have a fan page on Facebook:, and I am on Catster My favorite, though, is Twitter. I so enjoy conversing with my Twitter Critter friends! We have a wonderful cyber community. Animals that are enemies by nature can be friends on Twitter. I love that! And when a predator comes in and makes nasty, little cats like me can chase them away.

I enjoy Facebook too. On Facebook, I can get to know folks better and I can follow what is going on in their lives. Some people/critters don’t “get” Twitter, so I can follow them on Facebook. I love posting blogs on “The Buzz from BZTAT!”, and I enjoy looking at all the great artwork on

You do a lot of modeling for BZTAT. What type of compensation do you receive for all your work?

Well, truthfully, I have been pushing for a raise. Right now, I get lots of hugs, snuggles and head scritches, and occasionally TUNA and NIP. Since I have increased BZTAT’s visibility so much, I think we need to change that occasional “TUNA and NIP” to daily “TUNA and NIP”. We are in negotiations.

We all know your BZTAT's muse. Who inspires you?

I am inspired by lots of things, but mostly just everyday life. Of course, everyday life for an artist’s cat is pretty interesting. I have my comrades, Noah cat and Who cat, and my nemesis, Slick cat. They make my life full, and inspire me greatly. Of course, I love BZTAT too, and I love to snuggle with her. She inspires me, too.

I get inspired watching from my window perch, as well. There’s that bird out there that is always chirping and taunting me. And, since we live in downtown Canton, OH, there are always interesting people walking down the street. On the first Friday of each month, Canton throws this big arts party downtown called First Friday, and I get to watch all kinds of people from my window perch. People come to visit my person’s studio and other studios and galleries in the Canton Arts District. Last month, the radio announcer talked about me as “the Arts District’s favorite cat” in the First Friday commercials!

My person is very involved in the development of Canton’s Arts District, and I am becoming the unofficial spokescat for the whole district. Lately, I have been donning “Ki-meow-nos” in celebration of the phenomenal "Kimono as Art" exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art which is one of the most phenomenal international art exhibits in the country right now. I have been very inspired by the "Kimono as Art" exhibit, but they won’t let cats in to see the real thing. They’re afraid I’ll get fur on the fine silk kimonos.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I just want to say that I feel so blessed to have so many followers on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have an army like the great @Sockington, but I do have a posse that is second to none! Through these friends, I have learned about so many cool things that are out there for pets and their people. I enjoy visiting their blogs and seeing pictures of them doing interesting things. I enjoy hearing about the triumphs and the tribulations in their lives. I have learned to be friends with dogs instead of fearing them, and hamsters and chinchillas instead of chasing them. I am moved by the way that all the Twitter Critters rally around a certain anipal when they are going through a rough time, and how they jump to spread the word when a homeless pet is in need of a home.

But most of all, I feel blessed for having such a good friend as @OscartheCat and his little comrade Henry (@Quadpawd). You guys are the best! Thanks for the opportunity to appear on your blog. *nosetaps* and *pawbumps*!!!!

**slips Brewskiebutt a tener for last comment**

I can cataly assure you that @Brewskiebutt is a great cat to follow and a super friend. Just yesterday he achieved a landmark 1,000 followers. So if your looking for a good follow, go check out a few of his sites and then head back over here and sign up to follow this fine cat. Also, I would like to say thank you to @Brewskiebutt for the interview and allowing me to post her artwork!

Thank you for stopping by!

Purrs and nosetaps,

Oscar The Cat

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogger Tuesdays

Just want to let everyone know that on February 17th Henry and I will present a new weekly feature: Blogger Tuesday.

We will a short Q&A with one of our Twitter friends that also manages a blog. This will allow us not only a chance to learn more about each other, it will give you an opportunity to see just how big of a community we cats online are a part of. We are cats, hear us MEOW!

Also, if you just started blogging or are thinking about it, I suggest you check out the two Resource links I put on the left column. Who knew blogging could be so much fun?


Purrs and Nosetaps,


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Follow 5 Friday

It's finally here: the first addition of Follow 5 Friday. Each twitterer was give three questions, and I must tell you, their answers were brilliant!

Our first quest is Misha. Misha is a Russian Blue from Auckland, New Zealand. Here's what he has to say:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

I read about this cat called Sockington having 5,000 followers on Twitter. I thought to myself "this is my chance for world fame". Mummy was a bit reticent as she didn't really see the appeal of Twitter, but as she's my PA she just did what she was told, otherwise there'd be no Misha lovin'!

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

The best part of Twitter is getting to make anipals from all over the world. I even made friends with a tiger today! Plus, it's so easy to use and doesn't take up too much of my time so there's still plenty of time for quality napping.

3.Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

There are so many wonderful cats on Twitter, so you've got to have something special to stand out from the crowd. I have a very special skill - I can use the toilet! There's a video of me on my blog showing how it's done.

*Editors note: Misha did a nice post about Twitter on his blog recently. You can find it here.

Our second guest is Morris cat, a beautiful orange cat and a confessed homebody. Morris also had a lot to say:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

My human, @nelliejean, hadn't been on Twitter very long when she found @sockington and started following him. Then she found other cats and wanted to follow them too, until I put a stop to that. I pointed out that, as a human, she just wouldn't get what the cats were tweeting about - but that if I could have my own account, I would follow them myself and maybe let her know what was going on!

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

I love the real sense of community we have - animals (and people too!) from all over the world will rally round when one of their friends is poorly; comfort them if they're feeling a bit down; and congratulate them when things go well or there's a special occasion. It's great to think that there are so many friends rooting for you!

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

That I'm NOT named after the famous Morris the Cat from the adverts! We don't have 9 Lives catfood here in the UK, so my very first human had no idea that Morris was such a popular name for Gingers! She just named me after the street I was born in. She also hand-reared me as I was the runt of the litter and couldn't get any milk from my cat-mum - hard to believe, looking at me now!

Our third guest is Bagpuss Cat. Bagpuss is from Magor, Wales and considers himself a genius. Here Bagpuss offers us some insight on why we should follow him:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

This was perfectly simple. Use of my beta-prototype mind control device. Works to convince the so-called master race to provide pettings, change the contents of the litter box and provide the almighty whiskas.

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

Well. Twitter provides an excellent means of real-time revolutionary plottings. From here, troops can be rallied from all over the world. Also, I get to meet fascinating intellects such as the beautiful @pennycat

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Hrum. I tolerate the presence of my humans, @jamiedempster and @duckiemonster. I refuse to tolerate @piecat, although his bulk often comes in handy for my evil schemes. I enjoy napping, snoozing, looking cute whilst pretending to be a tiger, mrowring in people's ears at unseasonable hours of the morning and vomiting at the most inappropriate moments conceivable. I live in sunny Wales and have a top secret lab under the garden shed.

The answers from our forth guest might surprise you a bit. Ever-thoughtful Monkey_Cat shares much wisdom with her answers here:

1. How did you convince your human to allow you to set up a Twitter account?

Actually the humans approached me about a twitter account. They said I had a lot to say and was always getting into troublez(thus my name). They said I needed an outlet and thoughts maybe I would like to share my adventures with others. They said a blog was too much troublez for such a young kitteh. So I started looking around and didn't realize how many other kittehs were on there! I was I jumped in with all 4 paws and haven't looked back! I would tell my sis about it, but she sleeps a lot and doesn't get into as much troublez as I do. Plus I wants all the attention to myself!

2. What is your favorite thing about Twitter?

All the twitter friends i've made...well mainly the kitteh ones! I tolerate the doggies, and humans. I also like watching the other strange animpals that I've never seen before(like the horses and chinchillas)....they are fascinating. I hates the squirrel because he taunts me, but I can't help but to watch his every move. I also enjoy sharing my daily exploits with everyones and knowing that I am not alone in this big world. I love learning from my fellow kittehs on twitter and I look forward to many more fun days on the internets.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

Hmmm how can I put just one? Oh I don't knows...I am just a young rescue kitteh now living the good life. I likes my house, my humans, my litter box, my grandma cat and generally speaking, my sis. Life is if I could just catch that elusive magical red light!

Our fifth guest is our only non-feline recommendation of the week. Bridget of Petsaretalking is an Animal Communicator who helps us deal with our humans when they are being difficult. She also claims to be a "hander-outer of treats", and who wouldn't want to follow a treat hander outer? She's on my list. Anywho, this is what she had to say:

1. What made you decide to set up a twitter account?

My friend Liz said that it was a great way to meet people. She was right!

2. What is your favorite thing about twitter?

The fact that there are kindred spirits all over the world, and they’re on twitter too. It makes the world feel smaller, friendlier, like we’re all in this together.

3. Tell me one thing you want all your followers to know about you?

I’m not a cat, but I talk with animals and their owners all over the world, helping people understand their furry friends better, and giving pets the voice they need to express what’s important to them. I can be found at .

Thanks to all 5 of our wonderful guests. I can tell you this, I have been following all of them for quite some time and enjoy my relationships with each and every one. I believe you will too! Follow them. Follow them NOW!

And thank you to all of you who stopped by to check out our twittering friends! We hope to get to know all of you a little better over time.

Purrs and Nosetaps,

OscarTheCat and Henry(aka)Quadpawd

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Feature: Follow Five Fridays

Most of you already know about and use #followfriday on twitter. I have decided to take it up a notch and begin Follow 5 Friday, right here on this site.

The idea, of course, is to provide you with a forum that allows you to tell us how FABULOUS you are and, hopefully, to pick up a couple new followers along the way.

I may permit up to one non-kitty to be featured every week, but that is subject to change in the future.

Let me know if you are interested and I will send you some questions, when your name is selected.

For more information, you can also contact me at thefurrytripod at gmail.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Important Scientific Study In Progress?

If you choose other, please comment. Thank you!

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