Saturday, December 4, 2010

Furever Friday: Erwin (aka themerz)

OMC…. It’s Caturday already? Guess instead of calling this post Furever Friday I should have renamed it a Caturday Night Special. MOL  Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet up with another great cat this past week and in turn get to share with you a very, very happy rescue story.   Furiends, meet Erwin (aka thesmerz)

Do you remember any about your life before finding you forever home?

Before I found my furever home Iz was living in a warehouse with my sisfurz and my momz. This strange manz was livingz dere tooz. One dayz there was a partyz at the warehouse where Iz livedz and da man who stayed where we did was trying to sellz us to the people at da partyz. 

One of the guyz at da party said he wouldnt buy us but he would TAKE us. Unfortunately hez was only ablez to grabz mez and one of my sisfurz :(...(Myz cat momz & my other sisfur gotz scared and wentz to hidez) This guy seemed nicez to me so Iz let himz pick mez up.  Iz guess he rode his bike to da party so he put us in a box wif a lidz and strapped us to hiz bike and rode us to his homez...There were lotz of other kittiez and some dogz at my diz place...Iz was very curiouz.

How did you find your forever home?

A few dayz later this lady (who is nowz my fureverz hooman momz) camez over...Iz was sleepingz on top of the refrigeratorz.  Theyz woke me up and dat ladyz was holdingz mez...Iz was so sleepy dat I fartedz on herz.(hee hee) she didnt seemz to carez cause she squeezed me anyway and said Iz wuz puufectz for herz...I gotz to ridez in da carz outside of my cat carrierz... right on diz ladyz lap...Iz puurred for 4 dayz straight.  I wuz sad to leavez my realz sisfurz but my newz hoomanz momz was really nice to mez...she evenz sleepz with me on da floor in da bathroomz  my first night in my fureverz home.

What’s your favorite thing about your adoptive family?

What Iz lovez da most aboutz my foreverz home is my two other sisfurs Brindle and Ginger (ezp Ginger Iz luvz herz very much).  Iz luvz to play and get in troublez and denz look really cute so my hoomanz cant stayz madz at mez!

Iz likez to sleepz and meowz and play wif my kooziez and rollz around on my kitty condo...:) I also lovez to smellz my hoomanz breathe wheneverz they come homez so I can see what they have been eatingz
Iz have a good life...Iz very happy! MEOWZ !


Is that a great story or what?!?!  I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous… Two sisters? That would be HEAVEN for me.  Hehe  Of course the rest of his story is grand too and it sounds like he found himself in the purrfect home.  

What’s that? Was that you meowin’ that you wanted to learn more about Erwin and his extended family?  Well then, you’re in luck.  Turns out that earlier this year his hooman mom wrote a great guest post on on I Have Cat.  You should so go and check it out!

A special thank you to Erwin for sharing his story today.  If we were dogs, you would be Top.  *snicker, nosetap*

Thanks for stopping by!

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

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Sparkle said...

That was a great story - paws up to both of you for an excellent interview!

Bunny Jean Cook said...

grate interview Henry - concat to Erwin on finding a furever home! xoxo

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I LOVE reading these stories! Erwin is so lucky to have found such a great home!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that everything worked out for Erwin. A very touching story.

T said...

Can't believe I am only finding this now! I LOVE ERWIN and his mommy and his sisters! =^^=

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