Wednesday, March 4, 2009


First there was #FollowFriday then #WoofWednesday, and now, finally we cats will have our day. #MeowMonday, that is!

#MeowMonday gives all of us a chance to make our feline presence known on twitter, and will also be another great way for us to find and follow other great cats. All you have to do is list some of your feline friends every Monday with #MeowMonday and it will make it easy for the rest of us to find your tweet and check out your pals.

Example: @TheLanaProject, @mishakidd, @Monkey_Cat #MeowMonday.

To find tweets with this tag simply click the search link to the bottom of your twitter screen. If it's one of the most popular links of the day there will be another link on the screen showing all the #MeowMonday posts. Otherwise just type #MeowMonday in the search window and you will see this.

As you can see it's an easy way to meet and get connected with other cats! If you have any question about this feel free to ask them here or ask any of your feline friends that have been twittering for a while, and I know they will help any way we can!

Purrs and Nosetaps,

Oscar and Henry

A few of the critters that made this possible: @TheLanaProject, @mishakidd, @Monkey_Cat @Duke_Richard_II, and @BrewskieButt

2 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

I love the #MeowMonday idea! Great job, all of you!

Can't wait for it. :)

Dr. Schroth said...

I love this idea. I do have a question about how to use it. I am not a cat, but we want to help cats. We are the Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission (web site:; blog: We are on Twitter and would like to be able to use the #meowmonday links. Our Twitter user name is VEFMfans. How do we go about doing this?
-Lucy Schroth DVM

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