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Getting Ready For BrewskieButts Birthday Party...

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The main attendees at a #pawpawty are, of course, animals. That's right, seems twitter has gone to the dogs... cats, horses, hamsters, and yes, there is even a hermit crab on twitter these days.


It is a virtual party for all the critter's on twitter. It is a well organized event that includes music, dancing, and all the standard party going activies, all set up at a virtual location. Participants simply use a hash tag (#) so that all of their tweets will be easy to find by other party goers. Oh, and I can't forget to add that there are PRIZES to win at these events


The birthday boy BrewskieButt lives in the Canton (Ohio) Arts District and decided to host the party in his own neighborhood. He owns the talented artist Vicki Boatright who is going to fix up her website to give us all a peak into their neighborhood as we party down.


The next #pawpawty is scheduled for this coming Sunday at 2 p.m. EDT and continues on until 2 p.m. EDT Monday (April 6th.) These events last 24 hours so that anipals all over the world can participate.


Okay, the obvious answer to this question is, why not.... However, these parties are parties with a purpose. Our host for the next party, BrewskieButt just celebrated celebrated his fifth birthday April 1st and wanted a party. He got together with his staff BZTAT and they decided to include all their twitter anipal friends. Not only that, but they teamed up with RomeoTheCat who works to raise money for animal shelters or rescues each month. This month Romeo is asking your help to raise money for LA's Kitten Rescue.


While everyone is invited to the #pawpawty, there are a couple things you can do to help make the party successful. As I mentioned earlier, RomeoTheCat raises money for animal causes each month, and even a donation as small as $1 can go a long way in saving and improving the lives of many critters. Once you donate we recommend that you dress up your furry self here in the latest Easter wear, change your aviator and then join in on the fun.

Are you ready? Ok, so now that your all dressed up, I’m sure your asking that all important question, How do I get there? Well, the simplest way to keep up with the party in real time is to use TweetGrid. This is the link you may want to use (Once there, it is very important that you add the hash tag #pawpawty when you log in so that everyone else can see your tweets.)

The party will have different DJ’s throughout the pawpawty using so that everyone can listen to the same tunes. There will also be several critters there that will be directing you to different websites and such so that you have a chance to win PRIZES. And I should mention that there will be LOTS OF PRIZES.

This party will be going on for 24 hours, so there is no need to worry about missing out, there will be many chances for you to participate in events and to dance and socialize with some of your favorite twitter critters.

For more information, for updates about special events, the Kitten Rescue, prizes, or the latest news, you may want to follow the following critters:




@Duke Richard II



Oh, and if your waiting for an invitation, you'll find that right here.

Hope to see you there!!




Brewskie Butts website for the #pawpawty:

Frugaldougal's site has the #pawpawty schedule:


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Forever Foster said...

Oscar, you have done something momentous. That is explaining hash tags and all the associated business in a way that our thoroughly inept mum can understand. Thanks to you, we'll be there!:)

HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Oscar dat's cool! Fanks :)

sandy said...

Fun and funny. I'm don't have pets, but love your pics and writing.

cat said...
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