Friday, April 24, 2009

It's National Hairball Awareness Day

Hello again friends. I just wanted to remind you all the importance of proper grooming and taking care of our gorgeous coats.

First, let me state the obvious: Hairballs stink. Personally, as an older fellow, getting a hair caught in my throat scares the heck out of me. Coughing is hard on this old bod, and the discomfort doesn't seem to go away as quickly these days. As I mentioned here, there are ways your human can help lessen their frequency. Please make sure your humans are aware of these tips, as it will help you out tremendously this season.

The best thing my mom does for me is brushing. We've tried many brushes over the years, and found some good ones. When we moved two summers ago though, we lost my old brush and mom had to replace it. A friend recommended she try the FURminator DeShedding tool, but because of the price, she did a little research first.

She decided that we would try it, and that if it didn't deliver she'd take it back... We still own that tool. And, I will tell you that the fur piles you see in their ads are no exaggeration. The first time she used it, I was a little nervous, I wasn't used to having so much fur removed. But let me tell you, I don't mind the FURminator at all these day. Granted, I don't go jump in moms lap when she gets it out, but once she starts brushing, I plop down and let her do her thing.

Oh yeah, I was meowing about the fur loss. Mom says that it was almost like finding out she had an extra cat. She also said I was a lot softer and shinier after the fact. Her favorite part about it all though was the fact that my 3am bedside hack sessions stopped.

OK.... This is important. My mom and I are not getting paid to say any of this. It's all true and we feel that the FURminator works for us.
It's just something to think about as you find the remedies that work for you this summer. For the best advice, contact your V E T. They will make sure your staff gets what you need to make this summer a great and hackless season!

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The Island Cats said...

Hi Oscar! We got furminated in honor of Hairball Day! We thought that seem appropriate!

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