Monday, April 13, 2009

This One's For The Boys (Mancat Monday)


A few weeks ago Henry and I became official ManCats. Well, I did at least, Henry, being 9+ months old, is just a ManCat In Training. How is it official, you ask? Well, we joined the M-Cat Club.

I posted a tweet yesterday for 2 or 3 mancats to help out this week and got an overwhelming response. Several of our friends answered a couple quick questions for us and today we would like to share their responses.


I actually wrote up a little about the Club but found my friend Pepi (whom many of you know as part of the twitter team HotMBC) not only explained it better, but was one of the first cats to become part of this fine club. So, without further ado, here…….s Pepi:

I signed up with the M-Cats Club when it first opened. My furriends Mr. Tigger and my adopted brofurs in Vienna Kashim and Othello started it as a way for us mancats to hang out and have nip cigars and nip beers or play poker without the girlcats fussing. hehe The guys asked if I'd help out sometimes. My sisfur Sanjee and my Mom started the Cat Blogosphere, so I was honored to be asked to help out with the M-Cats Club.

What does being a mancat mean 2 U? It means I'm secure with my inner self, if'n I want to have a nip cigar or show my sensitive side.
Does it affect your role in the family? Good grief yes, as the only mancat in a family with 4 sisfurs. I'm the handsumest and they're jealous


Another responder was our bestest pal MorrisCat, here’s what he had to say:

What does being a mancat mean to you? This is a bit tricky for me. I feel in my heart that a mancat ought to protect the home from intruders, and be ready to stand up for himself against other cats, but I'm just not made that way. I don't so much see off intruders as just hide until they go away - or until they've been in the house so long that I decide they must be safe! It doesn't matter if they're hoomans or kittehs - I just don't want any trouble, and I go out of my way to avoid it! Does that make me less of a mancat?

Does it affect your role in the family? I generally prefer to hang out with my daddy, Mr Lovely. He gets very "Grrrrrrr!"-y when it comes to protecting our family, so I'm hoping to learn from him how to be a bit more assertive. I've always been more of a man's mancat - I can go a whole week without snuggling my @nelliejean, and I was the same way with my previous hooman and her partner. Mind you, if I'm wanting my supper then it's @nelliejean I go to - my daddy is far too good at just ignoring me when I start whining!


Next, we have two of my friends from 5_cats_4_dogs, Jeffrey and Curtis:


What does being a mancat mean to you and how does it affect your role in the family? Even though I am neutered, being a man cat means I go out and patrol the neighbourhood for a couple of hours every day while my two sisters stay home dozing. Sometimes I get into fights, I can't help myself. Once I got into such a bad fight that I ran off and got lost for five days. My parents find us boy cats more affectionate and empathetic than the girl cats. I am very demanding for affection and although I can be a bruiser on the street I am very soppy at home. I feel like I need to assert myself as a man cat. Our senior cat George just died aged 15 yrs and I always tried to make sure that he knew I was boss, even though he didn't really care. It was quite stressful trying to prove myself all the time. Now I no longer need to. I'm a street cat really, picked up as a stray when I was a kitten, but at home I defer to my sisters for everything, food, places to sleep, etc. We have a subtle timeshare arrangement which works great for all of us. Sometimes we'll all have a game together which is fun, but I am much more bonded to my humans.


What does being a mancat mean to you and how does it affect your role in the family? I am also neutered, and was a stray until I moved in with my parents and made myself at home about a year ago. I take my neighbourhood patrols very seriously and spend hours every day going round and round, checking up on all the other cats and making sure they don't come into my garden. I also sit on the wall for hours, staring at the other cats if they dare to come too close. I get into fights sometimes, but generally am quite a placid, friendly boy. The girl cats in the house are a bit scared of me and I have fought with them a bit and they are a bit wary of me now, so my parents make sure I stay away from them. Considering I came from the street I am very affectionate and love human company. Like Jeffrey, I am a different personality at home, compared to when I am outside. That's when I can truly relax.


Next, we have Jake who is a house mate of gigi giraffe:

What does being a mancat mean to you and how does it affect your roll in the family? Being the mancat means I should protect my ladycats. I'm the only man in the house, so I have to patrol the yard and make sure no unfriendly cats come here. Sometimes I have to knock a dog on the nose, if he sticks it in the wrong place! I have to play with the ladycats (Kisa and PeekABoo) to keep everyone happy. Also I have to remind my human to keep food, water and catnip out. I'm the voice of the felines in the house, though I usually let the ladies have things their way. You know, so long as I get enough to eat and my ears get scratched by our human. I don't Twitter much, just the occasional *headbump*. I let the ladies of the house tell our story.


Henry(aka Quadpawd)

Our last guest is a mancat in training like Henry , its Rumblepurr:

What does being a mancat mean to you? I am still more of a boycat... I like to pawty and flirt with the pretty girl kitties... but I also take good care of my mummy and make sure that her head is cuddled at night. Brother is the real man of the house, I want to be just like him one day, and I copy him lots (he loves it!)

Does it affect your role in the family? My role is to be as cute as possible, and also to watch over my mummy. I love my daddy too, but mummy gives the best cuddles.

Many of the ManCats Celebrate the Club on their blogs with ManCat Monday. And we would like to do the same. So if we can get enough of you fellas to play along we would like to share some of your manly stories every Monday. Next week, Henry and I will tell you more about understandings of being a mancat too.

Thanks for stopping by!

OscarTheCat and Henry


I cannot believe I forget to mention where those pawesome buttons came from. They where made by Pepi's human Mom. She makes them for all the M-Cat member. Aren't they great!!
Where do the Mancat Members meet up? Well we do, in fact, have our own hang out. As a member I would like to invite all you twitter men as my guests. Just stop by here
anytime you would like to hang out!

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Terror Kitty Duff said...

It was interesting to read about the boy kitties...
Will you ask what it is like for us girl kitties?

Forever Foster said...

What a great club! Henry, your mancat badge is overwhelmingly cute:)

Skitto, Peanut and Our Mommy Jodi said...

Congratulations, very nice badge you have.

Mr. Tigger said...

Thanks for the cool post about the M-Cats Club Oscar!! Welcome to you and Henry!
Hi 5 paw,

HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Great post, Oscar. It's fun to learn more about our mancat buddies. Want to go play poker and have a nip cigar on me?
your bud Pepi

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