Thursday, April 23, 2009

They Call Me Names...

Henry's Thursday Thirteen

Is this not the face of innocences?

Howdy! Today I wanted to 13 things I knocked off the wall, but Mom says, that she wants to add photos to that addition, and she still has work to do. So, instead I thought I would share some of my nicknames with you.

You might think it odd for kitten to have so many names but Oscar explained to me that some kitties don't even get one. That must mean that I am really blessed, cause I get called lots of names...

Okay then, so here is the list of my 13 most common names:

  1. Quadpawd This of course, comes from having a brother who's a tripawd.
  2. Smiley As you can tell from my picture above, I look like I'm smiling all the time.
  3. The Stalker I don't understand this one at all...*POUNCE*
  4. Houdini I's very sneaky.
  5. The Feline Terrorist Mom says it's inappropriate to attack another kitty while they are doing their business, but frankly, I enjoy it.
  6. Mini Me That's what Oscar calls me when ever Mom tells me how cute I am.
  7. NOOOOO! I not really sure about this one, other than to say Mom is usually running toward a falling object when she calls me this...
  8. Psycho *innocent gaze*
  9. Jaws I like to bit things, a lot.
  10. BAD Henry Maybe because I'm bad to the bone?
  11. The Deciever You may think I'm minding my own business, but your wrong.
  12. The Evil One *innocent gaze*
  13. My Angel-Not I don't really get this either, but Mom always has a sarcastic tone when she calls me this...
Well, Those are my main nicknames. I have more, but Mom says I would have to spell them out with symbols instead of letters, so I decided not to use any of those. In spite of what you think from this list, Mom really luvs me and is happy I'm her kitten. She even takes time to play with me every day. I also believe her to be the best ear scratcher on the planet. It's all good!

*Sniff, sniff* Temptations??? Gotta go......

Thanks for stopping by,

Henry (aka @quadpawd)

5 Comentários:

Daisy said...

Henry, a lot of nicknames means a lot of love!

Your Daily Cute said...

Your real name didn't even make the "most common" list! :)

OscarTheCat and Henry said...

YDC... I know! Kind of sad huh? I do get called Henry a lot though. And when I'm bad, mom will sometimes throw in my full name (Henry Thomas) in with a couple of the others I mentioned. Humans are sooo silly!



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

My cats have lots of nicknames, too. Daisy is right; it means lots of love.

LouPeb said...

I like # 8 best

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