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Follow 4 Friday

Sorry the list is up a little late this week. Between Mom starting a new job and all you cats out there starting your summer schedules, things didn’t fall into place as quickly as they usually do. It’s all good though, cause we have four great cats to share with you today.


The first kitty this week is my new friend Batacoda who just joined twitter a couple weeks ago.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

I don't remember alot as a young kitten. I remember me and Sistah comming to live with Two-Legs at a young age. I always thought Sistah was my real sis but I've been told that she is actually my adopted sis. I guess I was orphaned at a young age and sistah's mom adopted me into her litter and helped raise me. Knowing this now, I wish I had the chance to thank her.
*sniff* After me and sistah came inot Two-Legs lifes we slowly watched more of the crew join. Now we out number Two-Legs! There is 5 of us and only 2 of them Hehehe.

What do you call the humans you live with?

Humans? is that what they are really called? I've always known them as Two-Legs. I didn't know they had any other names. I learned something new today. >.<

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

I have a box addiction. I simply can not help it. I see an open box I HAVE to jump in. It doesn't even matter if it is empty (I always can make room for me to fit) I also like to talk. Not the wimpy little meow meow (like rest of crew)

But Meeeeooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Meeeeeooowwwwwwww Two-Legs keeps saying
something about part siamese. that's funny cause I don't see them hooked
at the hips. Sistah says they mean me. I looks around all the time but no
one is hooked to me. So I don't understand.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

I am new to twitter so be patiant with me. I love to explore but I hate
hate HATE the outdoors. (my blog explains my adventure with the Harness
*shivers* )
I'm not as strong as I appear to be, (I'z scared of everything. Including shadows. Sistah says Duhhh Baty you is color of shadows you'll blend right in)
I want everyone to know I was the FIRST of my crew to get onto Twitter! :D
The rest will prolly join eventually but I want it known I was the first Hehehe.

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

I'm still very new here. Here is a few of the tweeters that's been helpful and very nice to me.

@ArtyTheCat @Petiethecat @MishkatheCat @Megumi_N_Seimei and of course @Quadpawd


My next guest, Rosy the Cat (queenrosy) is also fairly new to twitter. Did you take a good look at her photo? Doesn’t she have the cutest pink nose? I’m gonna give that girl a nosetap someday…

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

my cat-mom and her sister were feral cats dat lived in the yard my hu-mom shared with her naybor auntyc who fed them. our cat-moms had us 7 babies within a few days of each other. they took care of us as best they could until we wuz 6 weeks old.. they hed to keep moving us around and hiding us in safe places in the bushes as there wuz other cats and dogs and whild animals around.

my hu-mom used to watch us kittens playing in the yard and she kneow i wuz her kitty right away, and that my name wuz Rosy. i didn't know her then, and I wuz just happy following my best furriend and brother Georgie around .. i wuz always one kitten tail behind him and we hed lots of adventures climbing and jumping.

when we got a bit older and our cat-moms were bringing us to the food auntyc put out, two of us were adopted by auntyc.. and that left 5 of us kittens with our cat-moms. my hu-mom wuz getting worried about helping us before we got too big, so she made a cosy little house out of a cardboard box and put it under the stairs where we could access it. then, one rainy day all 5 of us kittens got in the cosy little box to keep warm, and my hu-mom new that wuz the day she would need to take action to help us. she picked up the cosy little box and we all slid down to one end wondering what wuz happening.

our new home wuz my hu-mom's bathrom and she let us graduly get used to her and our new home. she made us a new cosy home with slats in the side so we could look out at her and still feel safe. my hu-mom and auntyc found nice homes for my sister the siamese, and for my little orange furball male cousin. that left me, george and cousin dolly.

my hu-mom saw georgie and i wuz inseparable. so she knew then she would keep both of us. dollypuss had someone who wanted to take her to live a long way away .. a nice lady but my hu-mom and her decided dolly could not go as she wuz too young and too wild and could die of shock during the trip .. so that's how me georgie, and dolly came to live with my hu-mom.

after i got over my initial scare, i liked my hu-mom right away and wanted to smooch all the time and the othe kittens looks at me as if i wuz crazy but i knew she wuz my mom

What do you call the humans you live with?

mom, mum, ma, or silly muvva when she does that silly dance to make us stare and wonder if our hu-mom hez gone mad.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

my favorite wuz to sharpen my claws on our old couch.. i would look at mom and ping it like a violin. all of us cats could walk along the bottom of that couch without touching the floor. mom got rid of that couch when we's moved and she got a neow special couch we dont like, so now i just bang cupboard doors and see how many doors i can get open and into.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

my best furriend and broffer georgie died before he wuz two years old and we don't know why, we think it wuz cat lukeemia. he didn't come in one night and even tho mom left the little cat window open all night for him. she kneow it wuz bad when he didn't come in as he wuz sucha cuddle bunny.. mom secretly called him 'cuddles' altho he didn't like to be called that in front of us girl kitties. next morning mom found georgie's purrfect furry body laying in the yard - she said his kitty-spirit had gone to live with the kitty angels. mom cried and cried and auntyc helped her dig a hole in the garden where he could rest in peace forever. dolly watched the proceedings but i could not and waited inside. i missed georgie alot as we played together all day, licked each uvers face, and we always had each other's back. i still miss him sometimes when i play with mr. stick which wuz his favorite toy too.

after georgie died, i unexpectedly found myself in the top cat position. it wuz a big job as we had alot of cats and animals coming through our yard, and my broffer had been well respected with the neighborhood cats. i took my job very seriusly and corageously faced any stray cats coming in to our yard.i had a big challunge one day with a large gray cat twice my size that wuz howling in a bush in the corner of ours yard. i stood my ground and stared it down. as if by a miracle, Blackie, one of Georgie's feral cat friends dropped by, and sat next to me to help scare off that yowling cat. i wuz greatful to Blackie as i wuz a little bit scared of him myself he wuz so big and strong and handsome too i must say.

we moved from that house over a year ago and now dollypuss and me are indoor cats. i miss going outside and tell mom that i really want to go out .. she said its not safe for me to go out here because of the big black road. she might build me a cathous to play in but i really want to climb the tree jmore than anything. mom said she will talk to the kitty angels and see what can be done about it. mom always says that if we ever we need help, we can ask the kitty angels and they will help us


look after the house while mom is at werk getting money for teh cat food. i spend my days watching the birdies and other goings on outside the widnows, and have an occasional game with dolly puss, I don't play with dollypuss much as I'm the boss, and so i prefer to practise my scare tactics on her, but mostly i just wait for mom to get home to play with me.

my favorite toy is a little piece of sheepskin called 'mr fluffy'. i made mr fluffy by ripping him off a big piece of sheepskin. i also love chasing mr stick.

i luv meowing my new anipals and twitter furriends. most of all i luv mom.

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

@JavaTheCat, @YoungMrFudge, @Wildycat, @joeybeancat, @circuskitty

and many more wonderful anipals who twitter

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Our next guest share her twitter account with her human at stwood1953 my friends it’s the ever sweet Tabitha Cat…

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

When I was a little bitty baby cat, maybe 3 months old, I was left on my own with no one to take care of me. I tried to make some friends with some big cats, but they did not want me around. Fortunately, a nice human saved me from the other bully cats and found me a new home with the mama person I live with now. I was so scared at first because I did not know what was going to happen and when I got to my home as soon as the door to the cage was opened, I went running right under to oven. However, Mama Person came for me and make me feel real special and safe.

What do you call the humans you live with?

I call her my mama person because she has been a mama to me but she is not a kitty- she is a human.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human crazy?

My favorite thing to drive mama person crazy is to jump on her back then roll around and make myself comfortable. I have been doing that ever since I was little. Mama person always complains that I dig my sharpies into her, but she always lets me stay up there for a minute or two. Another thing I love to do is to stomp on my mama person and lay on her arm so she can only pay attention to me and not the big glowy thing that sometimes shows animal planet.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

Oh, just that I am a cool, fun loving kitty who loves to be brushed and combed.

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

@rumblepurr was one of my first anipals.

@pccam introduced me to the anipals and #pussycatisland

@BuddyThePuggy He is a cool and funny dog friend

@ZachRabbitt Is a good cook and funny bunny

@ flicka47 another cool anipal who was among first anipal friends.


My forth and final guest is the lovely MizzBassie, who I must admit, this kitty (Henry) is crushing on a bit. Isn’t she beautiful?!

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

Mommy's friend's kids brought me to her because I was sick. They made friends with me but couldn't adopt me because their father is allergic. They found a home for me but I ran away from there and came back to them. Later, a neighbor lady told them she had seen that human kick me. Mommy took me to her vet and it turned out I had a diaphragmatic hernia from that kick. I was very sick and the vet wasn't sure I would survive the surgery, but mommy said go ahead, because if I didn't get the surgery I would die for sure. I was just a tiny kitten, I weighed two pounds. Well, I survived the surgery and came to live with mommy and daddy and my baby step-sisfur Little Bit.
And I'm still happily here almost five years later.

What do you call the humans you live with?

Mommy and daddy. And I have many other admirers, too. Everyone who knows me loves me. I am a little careful at first, and who could blame me, with my experience with that bad human, but mommy says I have an amazingly sunny disposition for a kitty who went through all the stuff I went through.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s)

I've trained my humans to adore everything I do.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

I live with step-sisfurs Little Bit and Frangi and step-brofur Rufus. But I'm the spokescat for the household.

We think I'm a Maine Coon cross because I have "the chin" (my vet says) and the fur and because I used to jump in the sink and beg for running water all the time until I got my water fountain. I _love_ my water fountain.

I love going for walks with mommy, but if we walk too far or if I get scared, I meow to go back home. I am a great huntress and kill all lizards and bugs that make it into the house. I love getting combed,
which is a good thing, because I have a lot of fur; Little Bit helps
with my grooming, too. And I love sitting in mommy's bags. I leave her lots of fur so she can remember me wherever she goes.

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

musumusu - that's Musubi, she's a well-rounded cat from the San Francisco bay area

MainlyCoon - he's a cool Maine Coon mix from Down Under

FelineUnit - a British jellicle cat. That's what they call tuxedo cats there.

bewareofthecat - a cat with Kattitude with a capital K

jazzydacat - another UK girl who loves fun


Well there you have it, my feline friends. I hope you either learned something new about your old friends, or possibly made some new ones.

I would also like to add that I know everyone is a bit busier in the summer (more sun puddles to chase), but I hope that doesn’t stop you from participating in future editions of Follow 5 Friday. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to other anipals on the twitterverse. It’s also a great way to share a bit more about yourself without the limitations of 140 characters per thought.

It’s easy to participate, just answer the questions you saw here today and email your answers to catswhotwitter at gmail dot com. I would love to hear from you and maybe help you share a bit of your story.

Thanks for stopping by,


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