Monday, June 1, 2009

Man-Cat Of The Week

Well everyone, it's time to start a new week, and in honor of Oscar, I'm going to try to keep up with his pase, cause I know how much he liked to let other kitties share their stories.

Todays Man-Cat of the week is extra special, because he was a buddy of Oscars, and Oscars pick. Friends, I would like you introduce this weeks Man-Cat Of The Week: Tyrone_the_cat


I'm about 3 1/2 years old. My mom found me at the Humane Society when I was only 7 months old. I nibbled on her fingers through the cage and won her over.

What does being a man-cat mean to you?

Being a man-cat is a shared responsibility in my home. @artemis_the_cat and I make sure that we let our parents know that we rule the household and they just occupy it.

Some activities I like to enjoy are napping in the sink, sitting on the kitchen counter, crying out the screen door, eating grass & chasing crickets outside, drinking the "freshest" water from the fridge, playing with twist ties & hair binders, and sleeping above my mom's head at night. I am playful & independent but I am a true cuddly man cat at heart!

How does it affect your roll in the family?

Being a man cat in my family means you have to stay strong in your decisions (even the naughty ones) and professional at what you do. I like wearing a tie cause it makes me feel very man-ish.


Wow, I can see why Oscar liked Tyrone so much. It’s a self-confidence thing… I hope I can gain some of that when I become a full fledged man-cat. I’m going to have to watch Tyrone more closely and maybe some of his greatness will rub off on me!

Thanks Tyrone_the_cat, for sharing your story with us this week. I know, I will be watching for your tweets and learning what you teach!

And of course, thank you to the rest of you for stopping by!

Henry aka Quadpawd

12 Comentários:

Flo said...

and such a handsome man cat. *purr pur purrr*
Congratulations Tyrone!

Your Daily Cute said...

What a cutie! I love the blue picture! Nice to meet you, Tyrone! :)

Tyrone said...

Thanks Henry! I am so honored to be the chosen man-cat. It's very bittersweet because of Oscar. He was one cool cat and we will be greatly missed. Thanks for the post and I will always be available for "man-cat" advice!


BZTAT said...

Great post Henry! So gald that you are keeping Oscar's legacy going. And what a fine Mancat Tyrone is!

The Brew and BZTAT

global warming said...

nice and really good post,thanks i like a ficture!!!

Meghann said...

Oh he is so handsome! I'm glad he has his forever home now :)

Robyn and HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Tyrone, dude, you have huge eyes! I bet all the ladycats dig it. Good to meet you. Come by and chat sometime.
your bud Pepi of @HotMBC

Fin said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my blog!

Cammie (@HerGraceTheCat) said...

You're pictures are wonderful! * nose taps * fellow black cat!

Marjorie Dawson said...

Henry you are doing a great job and I know Oscar will be proud of you. Tyone is one handsome boy!

sterndal said...


the black cat in the photo is soo lovely!

is she a girl?

or is he a boy?


cube said...

Beautiful boy. He looks so much like our Felix.

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