Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Queen Of The Week

Wow, it’s already Wednesday… That of course means it’s time to announce the Queen of the Week! This weeks Queen is a very talented lady. She has a large group of friends on twitter, writes her own blog, and goes out of her way to help other anipals. Oh, and I should also add she’s very beautiful! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Queen Pandafur.


I am 3 years old, Maine Coon's reach full growth at 3-4 years, so I am grown up

What does being a Queen feline mean to you?

I is a princess in everyday life, so I is used to royalty. Being Queen shouldn't be too much different, but I expect I shall have some extra duties like making decisions. I am not worried because I am quite good at making decisions.

How does it affect your roll with your subjects?

My primary subject is Mr Boots, an second is my purrson. I make sure that they do what I want at all times. When they don't, I am not harsh with them, I just use gentle reminders (sharp claws come in handy) and remind them who is in charge. It is an honor to be Queen for a day and I has a lot of respekt for the authority of the crown.


If you haven’t had the privilege of knowing this fine lady before today, I recommend you follow her on twitter and/or visit her website for more about Pandora right away. You might just discover a new friend!

A special thanks to Pandafur for taking the time to answer my questions and sharing a bit of her story here on Cats Who Twitter. You’z a fine lady, my dear!

And, of course, thank you to everyone else (aka you) for stopping by and reading a little bit about my friend!

I hopes you all have a great week!


6 Comentários:

Your Daily Cute said...

A beautiful Queen, indeed. Love the crown!

Daisy said...

I think she is very, very beautiful and she wears the crown well!

Monkey Cat said...

I luvs Queen Pandafur! So glad dat you feature her dis week!

Meghann said...

What a beautiful Queen Kitty :)
I hope she has lots of ear scratches and friendly subjects :)

Robyn and HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Pandora is a grate Queen!
Sanjee, Queen of HotMBC

Dollyta said...


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