Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Queen Of The Week

Hi everyone, it’s that time again, time to pick out a new Queen of the Week. This is my first week as the selector, but even with all you beautiful felines out there I knew just who I wanted to pick. She’s a beauty, she’s got cattitude, and she has the wisdom to pick a fellow man-cat in training as her main squeeze… It’s the ever beautiful: ThatStipeyCat


I turned seven on April Fool's Day. My veterinarian says that makes me a "mature cat". I say "pffft!" to my veterinarian.

What does being a Queen feline mean to you?

Being Queen Feline means that for ONE day my sisfur has to do what I say! I think I will be a benevolent queen, though, and make it the day that all anipals get extra treats and love and no one goes over the Rainbow Bridge.

How does it affect your roll with your subjects?

I want to be a Queen Feline of the people, so I hope that it means that I will do nice things for my anipals that I might not be able to do as a regular "subject".

If Cammie were queen, I'll be she would make everyone worship her or something. Black cats can be sooooooooo snobbish!


See, I told you she had cattitude. It’s a wonderful thing though, and she wears it as naturally as she wears her stripes. Also, I think she is being a little modest with her answers. Just like we have a list of twitter cats on this site, Stripey has a website that features a select group of twitter cats: The Stripey Ones. If you’re a stripey kitty and not listed on her site, just send her a message on twitter and I am sure she would be happy to add you.

Thank you Stripey for agreeing to be Queen this week, and for taking time to answer my questions, your pawesome.

And of course, I can’t forget to thank the rest of your for stopping by!

Hope to see you again soon,

Henry (aka Quadpawd)

8 Comentários:

Your Daily Cute said...

What a beautiful, stripey Queen! Pimp is a stripey cat too, so we're partial... ;)

Anonymous said...

nice cat

cube said...

She is a beautiful Queen. I'd bet she wouldn't get along with our tortie Queen. Our tortie hates beautiful supermodel cats.

Pandafur said...

what a nice interview, stripey is a beautiful queen

Meghann said...

What a beautiful cat, and I love the stuffed car she was sleeping in!

flothecat said...

You're gorgeous Stripey! You're a great anipal to the anipals too.

Congrats on your title!

@tyrone_the_cat @artemis_the_cat said...

You're one beautiful queen cat!

Love Tyrone & Artemis

Anonymous said...

There is my Queen! *kisses her paw! I love you my Queen!
King HB :::giggles::::

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