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Follow 5 Friday

Hello everyone! Welcome to another addition of Follow 5 Friday. Once again, I have 5 great kitties to introduce you to. I hope you enjoy their stories, and of course, make a few new friends while you are at it.

The first guest this week is MysticDaCat. Mystic is somewhat new to twitter, but has jumped right in with all four paws, has been leaving his mark.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

Mommy works with a rescue called Colorado Furbabies as a foster mom and does some transportation too. When she found out the rescue was getting a litter of kitties she begged Daddy to let her get one. He said yes, but said he would like it to be a black or grey kitty. Mommy was a little worried, the litter was reported to be Siamese. When the transport person (Susan) called Mommy to let her know dey was close to Denver she asked Mommy if it was ok for her to take a kitten that was in its own carrier, that it was a sweet little all black kitty! Mommy was so excited! I been with Mommy and Daddy ever since! Meow!

What do you call the humans you live with?

Mommy and Daddy

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

Well, I like to meow at Daddy a lot! Sometimes I will just meow for no reason at all. Mommy says it can get pretty nerve wracking, but all she does is pick me up and love on me, mol. I yell at mommy and daddy when they are in the shower, I don't like it when dey in there!

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

I am either a Burmese or Bombay kitty, mommy isn't sure cause they is very much alike. I is only about four months old. Mommy has recently given me title of Head Moth Muncher! She hates those moths and lets me eat all of them I want! I has two brothers, they are puppies. Dingo is an eight month old Blue Heeler. He is very nice to me, even tho he is always nom nom on my head and he slurps me and rolls me in da dirt. Wilson is a black lab mix, seven months old, possibly mixed with Great Dane Mommy says. He is not real smart, but is very sweet! I is also on Catster if anyone wants to look me up:

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

well, I gots to say my brothers: @Dingodadog and @Wilsondadog, dey is good guys, even if dey is dogs! mol! @FindMyDog - posts listing of lost pets from all over US. @PomegranPenguin he is funny guy! and last but not least, @shannonseek, she is cool and groovy lady with cat named Percy!


The second kitty has one of the coolest names ever. He’s also new to twitter, but HenryTheCat2002 has been reaching out and making pals all over the place.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

I do not remember my first family too well. They thought I was an adorable kitten and loved me. I even had a leather collar. Then I got big and demanding and that I guess wasn’t so cute. Anyways, one day they moved and left me outside. The nice people in the apartment building used to feed me, but no one took me in. So I started wandering around. I found another apartment to hang out at, but it was hard- I was always hungry and tired and I am so gentle I had to hide from the bully cats!

One morning (at 6 am) I was sitting on my butt in the middle of Moorpark St, a very busy street at that. My mom came out to get the paper and saw me (she didn’t know she was my mom yet). I saw her and she looked nice so I ran to her and bum rushed myself into my new Home! I had something to eat and lay down and fell asleep for 5 hours! Then Mom told a lie to Daddy. She said she was going to find me a home, but I could tell she was in love with me so I got to stay! Now Daddy loves me, too. Oh, and my new home came with 3 brothers and a sister! Happy Endings do happen!

What do you call the humans you live with?

They are my Mommy and Daddy. Did I mention how much they love me?

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

I LOVE to talk. I talk all the time. I talk to myself at 3:00 am and wake them up. I like to sit at closed doors or get on top of the fridge and howl. I climb on the bathroom counters & “speed bag” and scratch the mirrors and also the shower door. Mom says she hasn’t slept through the night since I got here (August 21, 2004 my new birthday). Oh, and I also love to bite and chew things like cell phones and remotes. Did I mention how much they love me?

Is there anything else you would like your Twitter pals to know?

I am a big boy at 21 pounds. I am so gentle that people might think I am dumb, but I’m not. I like everyone, especially the birds outside the window! I am very relaxed, and could have been a good therapy cat. I am grateful to have such a great home and siblings! I have to work on the demanding attention all the time thing, but usually just can’t help myself.

Recommend 5 of your Twitter friends to our readers:

I am still pretty new to the twitter thing, but I have to say everyone I have met has just been warm and friendly and made me feel welcome! It’s pretty hard to recommend just five friends, but here goes: @JavaTheCat @YoungMrFudge @MizzBassie @TotallyLamont and @ThatStripeyCat.


Next we have my friend MedusaJ. I haven’t known her very long, but I do know she is a very sweet and thoughtful kitty.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

My mum saw me in the window of the pet shop. I was hiding in the corner of the cage and all the other kitty's were playing. She just had to take me home.

What do you call the humans you live with?

There's Mum, the Dad and the Minidude

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

I like to launch myself at the venitian blinds, they make a massive racket and bend outta shape. My Mum says she despairs of me!

Is there anything else you would like your Twitter pals to know?

I'm scared of my own shadow, love chasing spiders and runnung like a lunatic around the garden.

Recommend 5 of your Twitter friends to our readers:

@sootyboo, @Dunkin_the_cat, @MonkeysBrother, @TheGreatNoodles, @CokieTheCat


Mulder(top) and Scully

The final two cats today are housemates. Mulder_Cat & Scully_Cat don’t always agree, but as you will soon see, they compliment each other quite well… *snicker*

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

Mulder: Way, way back in the last century…

Scully: It was 1999, you fool. Practically this century already.

Mulder: Let me tell this, will you? Scully and I were living in this tiny little house in Brooklyn, N.Y., with five other cats, three dogs, and a ferret. The owner’s granddaughter apparently had a soft spot for critters. Alas, she also had a soft spot for recreational drugs and was doing a stretch in the joint when her grandpa had a heart attack and had to leave his house. Kings Highway Cat Rescue had exactly one week to re-home everybody.

Scully: Yeah, that was pretty stressful. And your mom was still living with us.

Mulder: Ah, dear old Mom. She was a holy terror. I wanted out. Anyway, one of Staffpurrson’s co-workers knew Kings Highway, and his previous employer, a little tabby named Thai, had passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, so he was looking for some new employment and decided a two-kitteh firm would work well. So he got invited to the house and had his pick.

Scully: I immediately knew that this one was a keeper. Big soft mushy heart, eager to please. A real pushover. So I jumped up on the kitchen counter and walked right up to him and gave him a cheerful “meow.” He said, “I like this one, she likes me already!” Whotta sucker – I greet everybody like that. Of course he’d realize that too late.

Mulder: I was a little more reluctant. OK, a LOT. Staffpurrson said he wanted a boy because two girls don’t get along as well -- like me and your momma – and I was the only boy. So they chased me around and eventually cornered me, and I squeaked. Yeah, squeaked. He thought that was funny and said, “I’ll take him, too.” Smartest move he ever made.

Scully: It’s a good thing he was determined to get adult kittehs, because we were both three years old at the time. But Staffpurrson always says, “Kittens are like bundles of fast-twitch muscles with pins attached, and you never know what you’re gonna get.” He thought they’d know better with us. More fool, he.

What do you call the humans you live with?

Mulder: We call him Staffpurrson. Because he does our bidding.

Scully: Actually, I do most of the calling, especially when he comes home at night. I hop up on the table and meow incessantly: “Dinner! Dinner! Dinner!”

Mulder: Yeah, I don’t actually talk that much to him. I just whack him on the face with my paw – gently but firmly – when it’s time for him to get up. Occasionally I’ll mess with him with some nonstop calling and make him guess what I want.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

Mulder: You’re assuming there are things we like to do that don’t drive him crazy. If they didn’t drive him crazy, we wouldn’t do them.

Scully: I like to interrupt his Internet browsing by hopping up on the computer desk, circling the computer, and meowing at him. Even if it’s a full three hours before mealtime.

Mulder: I like to knock loose objects off tables. Broke three drinking glasses that way before he outsmarted us and bought Tervis Tumblers. If he leaves anything on the bathroom counter, I’ll knock those into the sink until he comes and turns the tap on for us. And I always wait until he’s just about to go to sleep before I insist on playtime. He can be lying down and watching TV or reading, and I won’t bother him. But the second he actually tries to go to sleep – that’s when I want to be petted and skritched.

Is there anything else you would like your Twitter pals to know?

Mulder: I have a blog: I plan to post in it every day. I hope my pals will read it and be amused. I expect Staffpurrson to make it work. Scully will be an occasional guest poster.

Scully: Yeah, I prefer to maintain a certain air of mystery. Can’t do that if I’m always blabbing about this and that and the other.

Recommend 5 of your Twitter friends to our readers:

Mulder: Wow, that’s tough. Who hasn’t been recommended already? I’ll include a comedy superstar -- @sockington – and his acerbic Gal Friday, @pennycat. Also: @frugaldougal because he’s all about charitable good works at his #pawpawties;

@jessicakorman, who is my virtual staffperson away from Staffpurrson; and

@henryandfriends, who offer nothing but love and affection to everyone they meet.

Scully: I’m particularly fond of @katieboocat, @KM_Zencat, @Dixie_Belle, @ladycat3, and @Manxington. And about 300 other tweeters I’d love to mention!


Well, there you have it folks. Five great cats, with plenty of cattitude to go around. Have a great Follow Friday!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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As always, I love to read the Follow5Friday cuz I meet some interesting cats! Smokey8

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