Friday, March 20, 2009

Caturday Photo

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I hope this photo makes you smile. If your human has ever put you through this, let me know and I will contact the proper authorities for you. Then again, if there was tuna in that bowl, it might have been worth it.

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Purrs and Nosetaps,


8 Comentários:

Black Cat said...

Oh poor kitty, how humiliating! :) xxx

Your Daily Cute said...

Aww. Poor thing.

It is kinda cute though... ;)



cube said...

This proves that dogs can be funny, but cats are ultimately the funniest creature. Oh yeah.

Forever Foster said...

Ahahahahahahahahaha! That cat has some serious patience.

Lidian said...

Our kitties would never allow this, not even for delicious tuna! :)

pussreboots said...

I'm happy to say that I've always been treated like a cat. Fortunately my humans made their own kids.

Duff said...

My meowmy and daddy got bad ideas after seeing that picture of the kitty dresssed as a baby

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