Monday, March 16, 2009

Chaya Helps Her Daddy

Think this cat looks familiar? Your right, it's our friend Chayakitty. Chaya was kind enough to send us this video last week. As you can see, Chaya is not only a great movie star, she is a natural leader with pawesome supervisory skills.

I don't know if Chaya gives out autographs, but if you haven't met her you should stop by her twitter page and hit your follow button. Trust me, she's a sweetheart!

If you have a video you would like Henry and I to share on a #MeowMonday just leave me a comment with a link, and you might be the next cat we feature.

Thanks for stopping by!


1 Comentário:

Misha said...

How cute! Excellent snoopervising!

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