Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Can't You Be More Like Your Brother?

Hi Everybody, it's me again, Henry!

Okay, before you go calling Animal Control, I must admit to you, that I have never heard my mom say that phrase to my face. I mean, after all, I am such a pawesome critter in my own right, why would anyone think that? Anywho.... Oscar said I did such a great job with last weeks Thursday Thirteen that I get to do another one. (WOOT!)

This week I decided to share with you....

Thirteen Ways I Am Different From OscarTheCat

  1. While Oscar has always been a slender fella, I myself am quite plump. Not in a bad way mind you, more like in the "Hunk a, hunk a Burning Love" kind of way. Before all you gals get too excited though, I should mention that I have been surgically altered. (Of course, that won't stop me from snuggling or sharing a nosetap with that special someone.)
  2. I love curtain rods. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Oscar will never go climbing with me. Climbing up to a curtain rod is a thrill like no other. Not only is climb exhilarating, the view when you get to the top, is breathtaking. From on top of the world I can see everything going on in my house. I even met some cool spiders that lived up by the ceiling. (They have since moved, but they were fun to play with for a while.)
  3. I'm a natural decorator. I like things to be a certain way, when I'm in a room. Oscar could care less.... BORING! This means I have no issues with moving anything and everything in the room. Like say books, for example. I think they look better on the floor than on some silly shelf. AND... Shelves are really comfy to sleep on.
  4. I like to drink my water out of the toilet. There, I said it. I feel no shame in this, in fact, I think I am really doing mom a favor, cause now she washes my water bowl a couple times a day. Oscar likes drinking out of a glass bowl or his water fountain. (Oh, Oscar told me to mention that I know how to open the lid all by my self, and that you shouldn't blame my mom for this..... (???))
  5. Contrary to popular believe, I am the nose tap king at my house. Oscar seems to have tried to convince our Twitter friends, that he's all about nosetap's. As if they were as natural as breathing for him. Not so! In fact, he hardly did them at all, until he saw how I was using them to bond with Mom. Such a copycat!
  6. When Oscar sits with mom at the computer, he sits on a chair next to her and takes a nap. I on the other hand, prefer to sit on the keyboard itself or wrap myself around her feet. I usually end up on the floor though since mom seems to feel I slow her down when I'm on the keyboard.
  7. Oscar is a talker. He'll talk to mom for long stretches at a time. It's all meow, meow this, meow meow that. These two seem to have worked out the obvious language barriers and chat up a storm. I, on the other hand, like to get straight to the point. Meow = Attend to me. Meep = Play with me. I do not like to repeat myself.
  8. I love making biscuits. I find that they are easy to make, wherever you go. A couple good kneads can even make the kitchen sink comfortable. Oscar never seems to make biscuits, and as a result does a lot of moving around to be comfortable. Can you say wasted energy?
  9. When Oscar gets scared he hides. Whether it's cause some cute kitten is chasing him or that the doorbell rang, Oscar seeks shelter behind the sofa, or under the bed. I on the other hand run for mom when I spooked. Should a certain cat surprise me by defending himself or if I hear some thunder, I seek the shelter known as mom.
  10. While Oscar seems to have several canine friends online, he doesn't seem to warm up to them easily face to face. He gets up in their noses and threatens to draw blood. He tells me that he has had a couple puppy housemates that were ok, but now that he's in his golden years, he would rather tweet with them than hang out. I LUV dogs! Dogs are fun to play with and I very good nap buddies.
  11. I am young and nieve, while Oscar is OLD and wise. Although, I don't know how tricking kittens into believing mom likes it when you pee on the mattress, is considered wisdom.
  12. Oscar tends to like his surroundings very clean. If his litter pan is even a little dirty he uses mine, oh and this guy actually puts his empty food containers in the middle of the floor, as if to tell mom to clean it up. I, on the other hand, like things messy, and mom says I'm a bit of a horder too. Seriously though, how does hiding four empty water bottles make me a horder? I mean come on, they make great toys, when all the rest of them get taken away.
  13. Oscar is a tripawd. When I first moved in, I tried to tease him about it, but it didn't do a bit of good. He says that it has never slowed him down a bit, and therefore, he could care less what other cats thought. He also says it makes him unique and special. Me, I'm just your typical everyday quadpawd. However, in this house I am the only quadpawd, so I guess that makes me kind of unique and special too. Am I right?
Well thats my 13 things. I hope you enjoyed my list. Oscar says that I will get to do one next week too. I wonder what I should write about?

Thanks for stopping by today!



5 Comentários:

Daisy said...

Hi Henry! I think it's good that you and Oscar are so different. Variety is the spice of life!

I must admit, though, that I also run and hide whenever I hear the doorbell ring.

Anya said...

Welcome, I'am also today at the M-
Cats club :))
Our picture is on those
site, thats great
Your looking gooood =^.^=
purss from Kareltje and
his Mom Anya (@^.^@)
from The Netherlands

Mr. Tigger said...

Hi Oscar & Henry! I posted your pictures at the M-Cats Club as our newest Members!! Thanks for joining!
Hi 5 paw,
Mr. Tigger

Cascia said...

I love my two kitties. You have a great blog here!

LouPeb said...

Henry!!! You are my prince! Stay gold!
My sister says she is your #1 fan.

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