Thursday, May 28, 2009

I's A Very Happy Kitty

Do you ever wonder what happened to your first love? I have always wondered about my best girl. A fine feline lass named Bonds. Technically, she was my cousin, only by adoption though, so there was nothing sinister about our love

Anywho, Mom went over to see my human Aunt tonight and learned that BONDS IS STILL ALIVE!! Like me, she has seen better days, but I was just thrilled to learn my best girl has had a long and happy life, just like me (She's 20.)

I made mom help me find a couple of our pictures so you too can see, the first lady to ever steal my heart...

Bonds, baby-doll, this one's for you...

Be well, Bonds!

Thanks for stopping by,


Bonds.... *sigh*

2 Comentários:

Daisy said...

Oh Oscar, Bonds is very beautiful!

Meghann said...

Oh there is nothing better than a happy cat!

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