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Follow 5 Friday 5/1/09

Hello again friends. We have a bunch of great cats for you again this Friday. We hope this helps you make some new friends or that you, at least, learn a little more about some old ones.


Our first guest this week is PimpTheCat

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

My forever home found me. Mom and her three college roommates decided they wanted to adopt a kitten, so they scoured the newspaper classifieds and went on a giant hunt all over Gainesville, Florida for me (I'm a Florida Gator cat). After visiting three other litters of cats, they finally found me. A little boy and his mom brought me to meet them at a convenience store parking lot, and they fell in love with me right away! (I have a little diamond marking on the back of my neck that you can't help but love.)

Now I just live with my mom (we got kicked out of that apartment because they didn't allow cats – sheesh! – and mom was the only one who was willing to pay the fines and keep me… and pay two rents because they still charged her even though they kicked her out. The other three would have just given me away. Can you believe that?!? (I love mom so much for keeping me.)
Now, 10 years later, we live in South Florida and I'm as happy as could be – even though she recently adopted a cat that showed up on our back porch: my devil brother, Moo. As long as I still get personal cuddle time with her at night, though, I'm OK with it. Moo's not so bad.

What do you call the humans you live with?

Just Mom. As far as I’m concerned, I'm a real son, so that makes her my real mom.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

I like to jump on the kitchen counters, especially when there's cookin' going on. I also like to pee on the side of my litter box – so it sometimes kind of dribbles out and onto the bathroom floor (mom HATES this, but I don't mean it and she knows that).

Sometimes when I want to wake up her (at like 4:30 a.m.), I start digging in her expensive comforter with my claw paws, or whacking at a shopping bag if she was nice enough to leave one out for me. That makes her nuts, but I make my point and she usually gets up. I win… as usual!

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

My name is Pimp because I lived with four girls when I first got to my forever home. Clearly, I was a Pimp.

Also, I recently went on a diet and lost more than 7 pounds! I used to weigh over 20 pounds, but now I'm down to 13.5. It's tough giving up the extra treats and all, but it was worth it – I'm a sexy Pimp Daddy now!

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

BrewskieButt (who was one of my first Twitter friends)

Monkey_Cat (one of the nicest cats around!)

FigaroRascal (my pawpawty buddy)

SphynxCatBoo (Boo takes some funny pictures)

YourDailyCute (That's my mom. Maybe if I recommend her, she'll give me some extra treats… low-fat, of course!)


Our second guest Mckainpurz is fairly new to twitter.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?

Pandora - I was in the LA County Shelter with another kitty that I had lived with for a couple months. A lady came to look at me the first day I was there - she had found me in a search on the internet. I couldn't go home with anyone until I had my snip snip done so she came back two days later when I was still woozy even and picked me up and took me home.

Jack and Sasha - we were born together and got a first hooman home when we were little kitties. The Hoomans in that place had a little bald hooman, and the little bald hooman got sneezy and sick when we were around so the female hooman decided we needed to go. She called helping persians because she wanted us to stay together. One day we were let back up into the big room for the first time in a while and a nice lady was there. She played with us then we were put in boxes and went to her house where we've been a little over a year. There was this crazy kitten there but we waz just happy to not have to stay in the basement any more.

What do you call the humans you live with?

Meomz or Momz

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

Pandora - climb into the bathtum,or washer or the dishwasher.

Jack - run out the front door whenever its open and try to get someone to let me ride the elevator. Sasha - I don't do anything that drives Momz crazy - I'm perfect. I like to curl up on top of Momz keyboard when she's on the computer.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

Jack - Sasha and I are going to be three on May 16.

Pandora - I play fetch - with wadded up pieces of paper or my furry mice.


Our third guest is also new to twitter, meet NadiaGirlCat

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?

My mommy saw me when I was living on the street. I kept trying to get the kids at the group home in her neighborhood to adopt me but they weren’t allowed to. When she came to get me, I was trying to jump in somebody’s car so they would take me home. I would lay down on people’s feet so they would have to pet me. I really wanted a home.

What do you call the humans you live with?


What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

I like to make my Mommy wonder if I am okay. I make lots of noises she doesn’t understand and I bite her unexpectedly if she is not paying 100% attention to me.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

I like tweeting. I think I may be a closeted writer. I like to express myself in this way. Also, I am on a raw food diet. It is yummy and is very good for me. I used to be a fat cat and now I am not.


Our forth guest is my good buddy BorrisKitty

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

A neighbor boy was helping his grandfather clean out an old shed on
their property when my mom cat ran out all scared. This boy did not
know about feral cats and thought she had abandoned the babies (he did
not know that mom cat would come back after it was safe and move us).
So he scooped up me and my brother and took us home. My brother was
given to another family member, but no one wanted me. So the neighbors
knew my humans were kitteh lovers and decided to show me to them.
Already having three kittehs my humans were not too willing to take me
in so the neighbor boy said “SPCA” and human2 said no he his too
little (I was only 3 weeks old) they will put him down. She could not
stand the thought of that and convinced human1 to let me stay there
until a rescue or home could be found.

Human1 had to bottle feed me, wipe my little butt and do all the mom
cat things for me. All the rescues were full and none of the people
they asked could take me. So I stayed put and soon the humans had
bonded with me and they would not let me go! (and I iz glad) I have
been with them for four years now and they spoil me rotten.

What do you call the humans you live with?

I calls them Human1 and Human2 (kind of like thing 1 and thing 2).

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

I do lots of stuffs that make my humans crazy nuts, but I will try to
pick just one. I have to rip open the blinds to look out. I cannot
just paw in from the side. I goes right through the middle. Doing this
breaks the blinds and the humans have to replace them and we start all
over again.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

I iz a big boy. Not fats mind you, just big. I am 25” from the tip of
my nose to the base of my tail. I stands 15” high when on all fours. I
weigh 23 lbs (but vet says I am only a couple pounds overweight for my
overall size). Due to my size I tend to bully my older and much
smaller sisters.

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

There are so many great anipals on Twitter it is hard to pick just five! Since I have to choose 5 I will narrow it down to:
Petiethecat Monkey_Cat BabyPatches TerrorKittyDuff SweetKittyrina


Our final guest for this weeks addition is HotMBC

HotMBC stands fur House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. There's 5 of us, Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi.

How did you find your forever home? (Or how did it find you?)

Sanjee: Mommy and Grandma's 18 yo kitty Chloe had to go to the Rainbow Bridge cuz of kidney failures and they was lonely. So Mommy a'cided to go find another black kitty furriend. I wuz a teeny feral kitty who'd been rescued wif my 4 brofurs. I liked foods tho and was teeny tiny so I a'cided humans beans were ok. So when Mommy came to visit us black kitties, I picked her by crawlin up her arm. Then I taked over the house. hehehe

Boni Maroni: I lost my humans and couldn't find them, so I was wandering around the neighborhood when I ran across a nice lady in a yard. She talked nice and gave me some yummy crunchies. She went back inside but she came out every day and gave me food, so I hung around. After a while (and a humiliating trip to the v-e-t) I got to move inside with Mom and Grandma. I got my name cuz I was boney when I met them, but now I'm not as skinny as a stick of macaroni.

Mini: I saw the kitty hobo markings on this house that said "Free Eatz" so I stopped to check it out. I'd lost my humans and I was hungry. Well, I'm always hungry. But there were these two cats eating out of the bowls outside who were mean to me. I had to come back, though, because I was HUNGRY! A nice lady saw those two cats picking on me, and you know what she did? She picked me up and took me IN and now she's my Grandma.

Gree: I'm the only light black tuxie cat at HotMBC, so I'm extra special. Me and Pepi had some humans, but they didn't treat us very good. They left us outside a lot with no foods. So we hunted squirrels and birds a lot. They're tasty. We explored and found the "Free Eatz" sign on two houses. One was the nice old lady who gave us bacon and hot dogs, and the other was Mom and Grandma's house where we got crunchies every day. Mom and Grandma of HotMBC fed us for years and years because our old humans didn't feed us good. So we hung out at HotMBC and the Bacon Lady's a lot. After a long time, our old humans moved away, but they forgot me and Pepi! But you know what? Mom adopted us! After a while, we got to move IN too! So now we are fat and happy. Oh, we moved the "Free Eatz" sign off the house cuz 5 of us is plenty.

Pepi: What Gree said. haha! But I'm the only BOY and I'm also the only long haired cat, so I'm double extra special! My sisfurs seem to think I'm an extra special whipping boy tho. *sigh* What to do in a houseful of women? I joined the M-Cats Club for mancats! Now I can hang with the guycats online. Phew.

What do you call the humans you live with?

Our human beans have a couple of names.

Sanjee: I calls them Grandma or Grandma Cat and Mommy. Cuz they's my grandma and mommy.

Boni Maroni: They're Mom and Grandma mostly.

Mini: Mom or Mom-I'm-Hungry-Feed-Me-Now, and Grandma or Grandma-I'm-Hungry-Feed-Me-Now

Gree: Mom and Grandma.

Pepi: Mom or Mom-Aw-I-Wanna-Go-Out and Grandma

All of us call Mom the Typist or the Sekretary sometimes, cuz she's the typist and sekretary.

What do you like to do, even though it drives your human(s) crazy?

Sanjee: Claw Grandma's feet under the covers at nite. I luvs the way it makes her skweel. I don't claw too hard tho. Don't wanna reely hurt Grandma.

Boni Maroni: I like to get up on high things. Especially high things with knick knacks on them. It drives the beans wild.

Mini: I beg for food. I plead for food. I look cute for food. I try to open the cold box for food. I lay around and try to look starving for food. I jump around for food.

Gree: I love to sit on Mom right when she's getting ready to get up. She says I have ESP to know when she's going to get up. She's right.

Pepi: Try to escape the house! Who wouldn't want to escape a house full of girls? hehehe Well, ok, really I just want to go play outside. I never manage to escape tho.

Is there anything else you would like your twitter pals to know?

Don't furget that us @HotMBC are 5 kitties with one typist too lazy to tweet for all of us separately. We takes turns. We've decided to put our pic with our name on twitter to tell you which one of us is tweeting tho, to make it easier for our furriends. We have a blog at

Recommend 5 of your twitter friends to our readers:

These are some of our blog furriends who tweets now. @DaisyCurlyCat @KattonicCats @VictorTabbycat @Gandalf_Grayson @ArtsyCatsy Oh and our Mommy @robynharton She's good to follow too. Hehehe


Wow, I sure learned a few things about my friends today. Henry and I sure hope you enjoyed todays Follow 5 Friday!

Thanks for stopping by,

OscarTheCat and Henry

Remember if you would like to be part of an upcoming Follow 5 Friday, it's an easy thing to do. You can get your questions here. Once you've done that you simply mail your answers to catswhotwitter at gmail dot com. I do hope we hear from you soon!

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Duff said...

I love this blog, it is so nice to get to know fellow twitter critters more intimately. I am also so happy when I read about how they found loving homes.

Thank you OscarTheCat and Henry

Boris Kitty said...

Dis was fun thanks for asking me to do it!

Your Daily Cute said...

Yay! Pimp made it on Cats Who Twitter! He's big-time now. :)

Thanks for putting him up!

PimpTheCat said...

Hi Oscar! Thanks for making me a FollowFriday kitty! And the rest of them this week are so pretty and handsome... We're a good bunch, everybody!

HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Fanks for makin us Follow 5 Furriday kitties, Oscar! Woo hoo!

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