Monday, May 4, 2009

Man-Cat Of The Week

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Man-Cat of the week. I don't think anyone will be surprised to find our next selection is our pal @Manxington (or Manxy as his girl likes to call him.) He's a cats cat with a big heart and lots of kindness to spread around...

What does being a mancat mean 2 you?

I am proud of the title "Mancat". I think it means to protect and
defend one's home, and knowing how to mix kindness with strength when
training humans.

I am the protector, alarm system, alarm clock, and official door
I take my job seriously, but I also know how to spread out in a sun
patch on the floor for hours.

I show my softer side by curling up with the lady ( I call her Jeeve's
for obvious reasons) when she is tired or not feeling well. For some
reason she likes this. I figure she has been a loyal servant for 16
years, so why not. Ok, I admit it - I like it too. There... I said
it! @EmmytheCat ( my twitter-girlcat) has introduced me to a different
side of what it means to be a Mancat. She's a special kitty.

Does it effect your role in the family?

I keep the household on track. When Jeeve's refuses to wake for noms,
I insist she gets up by making lots of noise or pulling her hair to
wake her so she gets to her duties on time, and at night I stare at
her (while rocking back and forth because I am too tired to sit up
straight) to let her know it is past bed time. Sometimes Jeeve's is
slow to catch on and makes me wait to go to bed, but good help is hard
to find.

I enjoy protecting Jeeve's, as she saved me when I was a kitten. My
Natural Momcat didn't know it was her job to feed me and my siblings.
First day, while Jeeve's was washing me ( I was filthy) I passed out
on her 3 times cause I was so weak. Jeeve's has fed me to be a strong
healthy Mancat - confident and secure in my home.

Once, I had to wake Jeeve's up in the middle of the night to let her
know that the appartment downstairs was being robbed. Boy, did it
take her a while to figure out why I was freaking out in the middle of
the night. I had a brand new scratchpost and I knew they would be
coming for that next. I was taking no chances!

I used my hunting skills on a road trip to let some other humans know
they had a 4 legged fugitive living in the walls of their home. I
caught the criminal, and he was deported to the cemetary down the

Only once have I had to use my Kitty Kung Fu to stop a bad human from
entering the house. I knew - before the humans did - that he was a
bad egg. I surprised the human with a jump to the leg - and then used
the ancient Kitty Kung Fu quadruple grip to wrestle him until he left.

When Jeeve's comes home, I greet her at the door so she knows all is
safe and she then rewards me with noms and the occasional massage.

My Lady painted this for a little boy for his room - I like to think
it catches my inner spirit.

Well, there you have it! He's not only a Man-Cat he's a hero to his lady. What more could you want from this cute fella? Thank you @Manxington for being our Man-Cat of the week and taking the time to share some of your story with our readers!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

OscarTheCat and Henry

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Your Daily Cute said...

Rarrrr... What a hunka-hunka cat!

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