Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Queen Of The Week

As promised, we have a new Queen for you again this week. Our new Queen is very special in that she dedicates her free time to helping other anipals all over the world. All this while managing a household and keeping a very busy social life on twitter.

I'm proud to present.... EmmyTheCat


2-3 years

What does being a Queen feline mean to you?

I am very happy with my lot in life. Like many rescue pets, I know I have definitely landed on my paws here. I am treated like a Queen, but I try not to take advantage of it...too much.

I am the only pet in my kingdom, but I have made lots of animal friends on twitter, and not just cats either. My extra special friend would be @Manxington, who lives a long, long way away. I tweet with all my anipals and I hope they don't think I have airs and graces because I am not actually royal by birth. I am proud to be a common old Jellicle moggy, also known as a tuxedo cat in the US. I think it is true that Jellicle Moggies are merry and bright
because I am always happy. No one would recognise me as the timid little cat who spent so long at My humans say I am purrfect, and who am I to argue?

How does it affect your role with your subjects?

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but the household pretty much revolves around me. I have first choice of anywhere I want to sit or sleep, but there are some no go areas like the countertops, not that I am interested in them anyway. I have several cat beds placed around the house, but often I decide to sit on the sofas, chairs or beds because they catch the sun better.

I've worked out how to open some of the doors, which is surprisingly easy in these old Victorian houses, so in the early hours of the morning I go and curl up alongside No 1 human's legs, or HuMum as I call her. A few hours later I wake up the HuMum with nosetaps so she knows I am ready for breakfast. It generally works, as HuMum goes downstairs to feed me then goes back to bed. She appears to be in a sort of trance at that time of day, but that's okay with me. I often go back and join them, but I might play with my beloved red mousie for a while first.

HuMum gives me lots of cuddles and talks to me during the day. I don't say much, just the occasional little cry as I carry mousie up and down the stairs while I locate the best sunshine spots around the house. Being a British moggy, I can go outside into my garden because we don't have coyotes or anything like that.. There's no rabies in the UK either. I don't go far, and almost never over our back garden walls, although other cats do come into my garden. There can be a wee bit of caterwauling when that happens, but I am a lover not a fighter so once I spot them I usually come back inside pretty quickly.

I really love being brushed and stroked. Now I have my FURminator I lie and purr while all the loose hair is removed. I don't sit on laps very often, but I do like to stay very close by, sitting alongside my Humans, and I like being held in my Humans' arms and stroked.

I don't like being left on my own, even for a few hours, and I am so happy to see my humans come home I do a little tail quiver of joy. I usually play ping pong around the floor with my HuMan for a while when he gets home. I love playing with all my subjects, oops humans, and I have lots of games with my toys, many of which I won at Twitter #pawpawty FUNdraisers. I adore giving myself a pedicure on my scratching post and I do that several times a day. I also have a cat tower in the sitting room bay window and I sit on that and watch the world go by. All in all, it's a busy life.


Wow, Queen is a just title for this fine lady. Manxington is one lucky cat!

A special thanks to Emmy for taking the time to answer our questions this week! For details on how to become Queen of the Week or ManCat of the Week go here. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

OscarTheCat and Henry

5 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

Yes - I am one lucky cat! Emmy will always be my Queen. It is an honor to the "Mancat" of the week when Emmy is Queen of the week.


Reese =^..^= said...

All hail the Queen!

Your Daily Cute said...

Aw... Emmy! What a cutie -- and a cute story!

I love the picture with the pink mousie. What a pretty queen. :)

Robyn and HotMBC aka The Hotties said...

Yoo are furry beeyootiful, Emmy and a furry nice kitteh too!
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Sandy said...

Too cute. Love the pictures.

welcome mats out, you might be able to chase or squirrel or rabbit if you come by for a visit.

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