Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Red Dot, Red Dot, RED DOT...

Okay, so we have all chased a laser or two in our day, and constantly hear about how cute we are while we are doing it. Right? Well, after extensive research, Henry and I finally found out what was so darn cute about our endless quest for that little red dot. It's us.*

However, if too feel the need to witness why your human is taken with the chase, you might want to plop down in your office chair and watch this great movie!

Thanks for stopping by,

OscarTheCat and

*Disclaimer: As cute as this fine kitty is, I must tell you that it is neither Henry or myself. He/She is definitely cute though!

2 Comentários:

Pandafur said...

you so clever an fast I can't believe you din't catch that red dot!

Your Daily Cute said...

Oh how funny is that kitty?!?! I loves how he hangs on the thing on the wall and even falls in the trash can.

Cute video pick, Oscar. You get the Cute *nosetap* of approval. :)

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