Monday, May 18, 2009

Man-Cat of the Week

Well, it's Monday, and we all know what that means, don't we?!!! It's time to announce this weeks MAN-CAT. Once again, I feel really good about this weeks choice. In fact, this fine feline is one of the first cats I followed when I joined twitter! Ladies and Gents... he's the man with the plan and he's 100 % Cattitude, it's...



I was borned in 2000 so I’m 9 years old. I like to think age is no objekt cause I’m a lil bit old.

What does being a MANCAT mean 2 you?

Being a MANCAT is a vary importunt dooty. It means yoo are a PROTEKTUR of everyone around yoo and yoo are in charge of ATTACKING things that need to be attacked.

Yoo also have to stay BIG and STRONG by eating a lot of the foods.

But make no mistake, yoo must also have a SENSUTIVE MANCAT side to attrakt the ladies. I learned how to ART and make grate masturpieces to impress the gurlcats.

Does it affect your role in the family?

YES! I live in Chikago which is known for it’s vishus CUBS attacks (aka-little BARES in training).

The cubs purrfekt their attak skills at Wigglie Field. When the lites are on I know the vishus attak cubs are preparing to pownce (look closely at the piktur)

To keep the vishus cubs away frum unsuspekting Chicago peepuls and gurlcats (like my lady and Rosie) I frequentlie get owt my meen-sharp-furoshus MANcat face.

Protekting innosent peepul and gurlcats is tuff, but I'm prowd to be the MANCAT chowsen fur the job!


If you don't already follow RosieandCheeto I highly recommend that you do. They are one of the first feline duos I followed after I joined Twitter and I still look forward to reading their tweets today. Also, go check out their blog. They know about toys hidden in most bathrooms that your humans don't want you to discover. Just meowin'...

Thanks Cheeto, for making my choice so easy and for taking the time to answer my questions. You rule!

And thank you to the rest of you for stopping by!


5 Comentários:

Lucy said...

Good choice for Man Cat of the Week! Cheeto is very cute and manly! Love the pics!

Eloisethepug said...

good choice!

Skeezix the Cat said...

What a pawsome choice fur MCoTW! Cheeto is one of my oldest frends in the werld, and he sets a grate ikzample for Mancats everyware! He's vary manly, but he also has a sensitive side. Concats, Cheeto!!!

Scrooge said...

I like to eat all the foods too, but I is a walker hound, not a cats.

Today I went in the lake and gotted very wet.

Daisy said...

Cheeto is one cool Mancat!

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