Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Queen Of The Week

Well, it's time to crown a new Queen of the Week. The nice thing about crowning a cat is that there is no scandal involved. Know what I'm meowin'? Anywho, I think you will agree when I say our new Queen is as cute as a button. I give you Queen @IamButton.


A lady never tells... but I'm not a lady. I'm a cat. So I can tell you that I'm eight (ish)!

What does being a Queen feline mean to you?

Ahem. Being a Queen feline means ... what? Wait. Is this thing on? Tap tap tap! Did you say chicken? I heard someone say chicken.

Um, what was the question? Oh yes.

Well, like any queen, I am a snuggle pillow, everyone's best friend, a crisis counselor, a confidante, a comedienne and a pickle. Yes, I'm part pickle and proud of it. People always said a half pickle - half cat would never be a queen, but here I am.

My official name is: Pink-nosed Button. When I was first adopted, and smelling new smells at my new home, my nose was the color of a hot pink Barbie Corvette. Everyone said my nose looked like a button. A little known fact: if you push in my nose, it mutes me. I will be chatting on and on, and if the phone rings, you can tap my nose and I fall silent. Like the TV. Or call waiting. And it should also be known, I have been knighted. And circumcised. Wait, what does that mean?

How does it affect your roll with your subjects?

Well, it doesn't, really. Queen or not, I am a funny indoor, city cat who loves to make up stories of grandeur. I loathe being alone, so I insist my subjects acknowledge me. I'm extremely affectionate and I always want to be touching or smooshing on you. I will climb all over you and sit on your head with my nose in your earhole if necessary. As a queen, that's my prerogative, right? I don't have any minions except my furballs, whom I name and discipline if necessary. I don't feel that I'm elitist, though; I love everyone - cat, dog, human, capybara, equally and immensely. Well, I kind of love chickens more. But that's neither here nor there.

My humans are good subjects, and I show them love by licking them relentlessly. I lick arms, legs and my favorite, noses. I lick them til their skin comes off. HAR HAR HAR. Oh my, that wasn't very queen-like of me to laugh so ferociously. ::covers snout with paw::

I am loving twitter, and getting to know all the anipals that I would never otherwise get to meet! Now, everyone should get in my belly - Queen's orders!

And it was VERY unqueen-like of me to not realize it was Oscar's birthday recently! Happy birthday to you, sweet boy.


She called me sweet! She called me sweet... Hubba, hubba! Well obviously the right gal was chosen for Queen again this week. If you haven't meet her Royal Highness, be sure to stop by this week and say hello. And trust me, she's just as adorable as she sounds! Of course I would like to offer a special thank you to Button for allowing us a little peak into her life during her rein.

Thanks for stopping by!


3 Comentários:

Eric said...

The cat looks really cute in the bed :)

Au Naturale said...

bowing b4 the Queen me-me-owwwww:)

Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick said...

Hi Iam Button!! It is very nice to meet you and you are a wonderful Queen of the week!
Your FL furiends,

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