Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Queen Of The Week

I'm thrilled that it is time to present a new Queen Of The Week. As you all know, there are many wonderful feline ladies on twitter, but todays pick has a special place in my heart...

When I first got sick a couple months ago, my good buddy BrewskieButts momma painted a picture of me and set it up as a get well card. Well, this weeks Queen had her mom take a picture of her sitting by this lovely card on her computer screen. My heart melted when I saw that. I even shed a kitty tear.

I am very pleased to introduce the new Queen, Flothecat.

aka: muffin, nugget potato, big mama, flobee, flobeelicious, flo nugget, nugget, Super Flo

age: a lady never tells….

What does being a Queen Feline mean to you?

Being a Queen Feline means respect, compassion, equality and love to me. I love waking up to every new day and visiting with my pals on Twitter, spying on the birdies, grooming @iamtilley and giving my mom headbumps. It took me awhile to settle into my title of Queen as I was a very depressed pussy cat for the first part of my life. I was adopted with my sister @iamtilley when I was two. We lived at an animal shelter in the mountains of British Columbia and it really traumatized me. At the shelter I hid in a milk crate and had very bad painful mats over my whole body. When Mom and Dad adopted us I hid for the first few years and wouldn’t groom myself. My parents never gave up on me! They gave me a lot of love and helped me take care of myself. I’m a new cat today! I love meeting new humans - especially cat ‘virgins’

How does it affect your role with your subjects?

My parents (subjects) have been accused of letting me and @iamtilley rule the house. I thoroughly disagree. We have a reciprocal relationship. They make sure that I have a velvet blanket wherever I sleep, have my own beautiful crystal water bowl, as well as homemade fruit smoothies and hand fed banana whenever I want. In return, I deliver them feathers in their bed, leave fur on the toothpaste tube and around the mascara wand and of course give them *nosetaps*.

My subjects also have an excellent grasp on what I like to do for fun. This includes playing with my ‘sue sue ball’ aka tinfoil ball, attacking my feather toy, getting a brushie brush, getting FURminatored, sleeping, eating and last but not least bouncing off the furniture fist thing in the morning. They let me do whatever I want – that is, except scratch the furniture.

Since coming out of my shell and assuming my role as Queen Feline I’ve become quite proficient in visual arts. I’ve recently become quite the chanteuse. I’m also a choreographer. One of my pieces is entitled ‘The Flobee Stomp”. I’ve also appeared in the Broadway musical ‘Mama Mia’ with @misterpeabody and @BrunoTheDog.

When I’m not assuming my monarchical duties, I like to travel with my anipals to #pussycatisland – a tropical top-secret locale.

Did I mention I love having my photo taken?


Fellas, isn't the new Queen a beauty?! There is no doubt in my mind that this lady is fit to be Queen. If you haven't met Flo yet, let me tell you, your missing out. Go introduce yourself today. I know I sure feel lucky to call her my friend!!

A special thank you to the dear Flothecat for taking the time to answer my questions and agreeing to be Queen. May your reign be a happy one!

And, of course, thank you for stopping by,


7 Comentários:

Your Daily Cute said...

Cute loves Flo!

What a pretty queen...

MisterPeabody said...

What a great profile! Flo is one of my favorite twitter kitties. I especially like the photo with the banana. I love bananas.

Pandafur said...

What a lovely post, Flo really deserves this.

kakikereta said...

so cute.....

Patrice said...

What a lovely photos of a cute Queen Flothecat.

LIZZIE said...

She's just so gorgeous. And I think she looks so cute eating the banana! *^_~* Hail Queen Flo

Dwacon® said...

Never seen a cat eating banana before...

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