Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Queen Of The Week

Well, lets face it, I luvs the ladies. Every Queen we’ve been lucky enough to feature here on CWT has held a special place in my furry heart, but this week, this week I’m thrilled to introduce to you a SWEET, GORGEOUS, an down-right ADORABLE lady, who I’ve been admiring from a far for months.
Dear friends, if you don’t already know her, you are missing out! This weeks Queen Of The Week... Monkey Cat
(aka Princess Monkey of the Mystical Tortietude, Monkey Butt, Monkers & MC)


I is a little over 1 years old

What does being a Queen feline mean to you?

Dis such a big honor for me to be featured as Queen of the Week! I is not entirely sure what being queen means as until now I has only been Princess! But nows dat you mention it, I guess I am next in line for queen of the house. At the moment, my grandma cat (Mouse), is technically the queen...but since sis is next in line for court jester, I is the queen in training . I do looks forward to fully embracing dis title though. I means someone has to tell the humans what to do and I is already well versed in dat area. Queen Mouse has given me lots of skills, but with her health not so good I feels like there's so much I do not knows yet. It will comes in time..

I also thinks dat my time so far spent in Duke's Richard's Royal pack as Princess Monkey of the Mystical Tortietude has been good training as well. It helps to learns how to be royal and elegant from other cats and dogs who are far more skilled at dat then myself. I feels like I still has lots to learn, but I has the best teachers I could wants on twitter. I has so much funs with all my anipals and can't imagine my life without them(especially you Oscar nudge nudge!) For now though, I is just trying to be myself, has good times and stay out of troublez. Ok so maybe I no do so good at dat last part, but I tries.
OMC moth moth moth!!! Gotta get da moth!! Nom Nom Nom mmmmm kinda crunchy! Oh sorrys, dat was not very Queen like of me! See, I still has much to learn! MOL

How does it affect your roll with your subjects?

Oh yes the humans. They seem amused by all the attention I get! I don't think they realized all the antics I would get into on the interwebs! I no know what they expected...wif dis face and my natural ability to finds troublez, of course the interwebs would be bad place for me(in a good way of course)! They good sports about it though and they support me, so dats good.

And likes I said, they knows dat I is the heir to the throne so they treats me as such(unless they is yelling "MONKEY NO!"). I might gets yelled at a lot, but I still has them in the palm of my paw. I knows how to work dem wif a cute look, a purfectly timed flop or a cute little meow! They never know what hits them when I turns on the cute! It may have been their idea to puts me on twitter, but since then I tells them what to do. When I first wanted blog they said no, there's no I says, not acceptable, you makes time! When I says, Meow I wants some treats and they says no, we no give you treats....I scratch the furniture or pull a cute move and I gets my treats. Occasionally I give in to their requests, but not very often. I no think I runs da house yet, but I is definitely getting close. My humans aren't all dat bad though...they loves me and I owes them my life for adopting sis & I. I no knows what I would have done without sis? So I guess I is one lucky kitty and can't complain too much =^..^=

Anyways, I just wants to say thank you for having me, even if I is not really a Queen yets! I is honored to be on the blog dat inspired me to start my own blog. Dis such a nice way to meet & learn about other twitter anipals and I is grateful for having dis site! Cheers to Oscar & Henry!

PS-One last thing....keep tuning into Monkey TV, there might be some cool surprises coming up soon including the official launch of my MC line! Yes I talked the humans into plastering my face on merchandise...mostly for charity! Thx


OMC!!!! What a woman, what a Queen! Kitties, you should really know Monkey, so if you haven't already, FOLLOW her! Also, you should check out Monkey TV. It's one of this kitties favorite sites. She always has stuff going on, and she finds all the cool software to make some pretty pawesome photos!

Thank you, dear Monkey, for being Queen!

And a big furry thank you to the rest of you too, for stopping by!


4 Comentários:

MonkeyCat said...

You totally flatter me Oscar! MOL Thx for having me, it has been an honor!

purrs, MC

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo sure are next in line to be queen, Princess Monkey! And yer all eyes as a baby. Awwww

TotallyLamont said...

You are a Princess and a Queen and a Lady! Three Cheers for our new Queen of the Week - Monkey Cat!

Flo said...

Congratulations Monkey! You're a beautiful Queen. May your reign be a peaceful one filled with nom noms.

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